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Drugs ks4 scheme of work

Discussion in 'PSHE' started by dbn, Oct 3, 2011.

  1. dbn

    dbn New commenter

    With my temp contract I am teaching some well being. I have a year 10 group who are learning about/reflecting on drugs. However there is no scheme of work! It is a case of here are some resources, do what you want. I see the development from the topics covered in KS3 which are smoking cigarettes and alchohol but would like a scheme of work to get more ideas.
    Can any one guide me to some schemes of work on drugs for KS4? I have ideas from TES resources but a scheme would make my planning a lot clearer. I would have thought most schools would have to have a clear scheme of work on drugs.
    Thanks for any advice.
  2. dbn

    dbn New commenter

    Helo, I've done plenty of research now and understand more what I'm doing. I am able to differentiate between and within key stages 3 and 4. Can any one lead me to any resources on How to say no to drugs? - for year 10s. I've found lots of information about drugs and their impact but looking for a video or material on how to say no.
  3. Youthhealthtalk

    Youthhealthtalk New commenter

    Hi dbn,

    Our website has excerpts from interviews with young people in the form of videos and text (all produced by Oxford Uni researchers), our newest section is drugs and alcohol and there is a page dedicated to young people choosing not to do drugs and towards the bottom of the page, the young people talk about how to say 'no'


    (clicks the small images to show the videos) Perhaps you could show the videos to your class and ask them some questions about them. I hope you find them useful.

    Jo (Youthhealthtalk)
  4. dbn

    dbn New commenter

    Hello, returning to drugs and alchohol unit and just found your help. I have looked at this material and will use it with my year 11s. Thank you.

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