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Dropping milk feeds

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by lilypot, Jul 27, 2011.

  1. I've actually had my question answered for me by the GP. I wrote a list of everything LO ate during the day. THe GP was quite shocked [​IMG]
    So, she said definitely to skip the mid morning/afternoon milk feed and increase the meals a little. She also said that we had to be firmer about night feeds as she doesn't need them and should be sleeping more now.
    So, mission horrid is about to start! I hope she doesn't wake more if she's not getting the morning/afternoon milk!
  2. Hi Lilypot, I had exactly the same thing when LO was about 7 and a half months I think. She put on over 2lbs in a month and the Health Visitor basically told me I had to stop feeding her at night and had to drop a feed in the day. She's now 10 months and her weight has levelled off a lot, she's put on 1/2 lb a month for the last couple which is apparently 'normal'.I was told to keep going with 3 milk feeds a day until 1 year, I'm bfeeding so I don't know if that makes a difference.
    The first night I didn't feed her back to sleep was difficult but not as bad as I had imagined. It only tookl 2 nights and then she started sleeping through (only for a short few weeks - but you may be luckier than us!) If OH can help you then that will make a big difference, I am still unable to resettle her at night as she can smell the milk. Consequently, I have slipped back into feeding her sometimes, particularly when my OH is too shattered to get up and have a go.
    Good luck!
  3. Thanks for this post wormburger. I was going to ask you what the daily oz was you were giving LO but as you're bf, it's hard to know. The concern I have is that LO doesn't drink milk well (bad reflux etc) and she's never had more than 3oz in one go. I try to get 6oz in her each feed, but this is very optimistic. 4oz is usually what she manages - and sometimes that's with mixing some with baby rice etc. I'm hoping that by dropping the mid morn/after noon milk, she'll take more at the 3 main meals. We can but see......
    I'm incredibly lucky that OH does the night feeds. We sort of take in turns - I do days and he does nights.
    can I ask why do you think that was? I'm just wondering if that will happen to us too!
  4. She's just a rubbish sleeper! Always has been. I think it's partly to do with the fact that she is breast fed and I always feed her to sleep in the evenings and put her down asleep so she has the wrong sleep associations and can't get herself back off when she wakes, plus there's the theory that breast milk isn't as sustaining...
    She's also been fairly poorly with colds, chicken pox and ear infections - it was an ear infection that broke our 2 weeks of good sleep! Who knows! If I had my time again I would put her down awake more often, I even feed her before our naps. Oh well! She's fine on it, it's my OH and me who are wrecked!!
  5. kittenmittens

    kittenmittens New commenter

    Re: feeding to sleep, my LO used to wake expecting milk at around 4 months old when I knew she was capable of sleeping through (she was sleeping 9pm-5am at 8 weeks ish and 7-6am at 11 weeks). I gave her a dummy and that settled her. Soon she learned to 'chat' herself back to sleep, she just moaned for a few minutes and dropped off again so I didn't go in- obviously if she was crying I did to check she was ok, especially when she could roll over. Does your LO take a dummy? We only use it for sleeping but it can be useful.
    Dropping milks- we sucessfully went from 5 bottle feeds a day to 4, then 4 to 3 just by takingg them away and re-jigging the timings so that milk and meals were well spaced through the day, and introducing a bottle of water, now she takes a cup for sips of water throughout the day. You could also offer water at night when she's waking, as she still gets to suck but it might break the association of waking with milk? My mum did this with my brother who was breastfed and he spat the water in her face the first time! But he soon stopped waking for milk.
    I now give my LO (7 1/2 months) 3 milks during the day: 7am, 11am and 6.45pm. Her meals are spaced between them. I'm phasing out the midmorning milk by gradually reducing the amount as she's put on more weight than usual in the last couple of weeks... I was secretly pleased though as she's a bit more chubby now! Still tiny at 14lb4oz. Hope that helps x
  6. handrail

    handrail New commenter

    My little boy (10 months) is exactly the same - always been a bad sleeper - not once slept through. I kind of blame myself looking back as we have always fed/rocked him to sleep, he was such a cryer as a tiny baby. Have heard breastfed babies may wake more often during the night but my boy has been on formula since 6 weeks. We were just getting him a little bit better at night - I used a method called pick up, put down - then he got an ear infection and is awful again at night. We had his 10 month check today and were told not to give a bottle in the night (it's one way that usually gets him back to sleep) and also that he should be on about 20oz of milk a day including milk in foods.
    Completely agree, I wish I could go back in time and do things a little differently. I feed him before a nap/rock him or take him out in car/pram. From tonight gonna try not to feed in night and toughen up - I neeed a full nights sleep!
  7. we were determined to get LO to sleep through after having a terrible spate of repeated numerous nightly wakings at 6 months. whereas before if he woke during the night we'd feed him, from that night on if he woke, we picked him up, shushed him til he stopped crying and put him straight back in his cot. he soon settled into not waking for food - and by soon i mean within a matter of days.
    food wise, he's 21lbs/7.5 months and has (on a hungry day)
    9am 6-8oz formula
    11.45 4-5oz formula
    1pm solid lunch (baby rice/half a jar of baby food/puree) + 2-3 oz of formula
    4pm 4-5 oz formula
    7pm solid dinner (baby rice/half a jar of baby food/puree) + 2-3 oz of formula
    9pm 5-6 oz formula
    so a maximum of 30oz formula (and that is a real maximum, it's rarely that much) and roughly one organix baby jar & a fruit pot per day.
    he has started to drop the 11.45 and 4pm feeds (didn't have the 11.45 one yesterday) and we've started swapping the bottles with solid food for juice instead.
    RE sleeping - apparently i didn't sleep through til after a year, one sibling slept through from very early on and then another sibling couldn't be trusted to sleep through til they started school! so it could just be she's a bad sleeper? perhaps try the pick up, shush, put down method?
    i worry constantly about what LO eats. i think we're going to introduce breakfast this coming week and see how that goes. this parenting lark is such a mine field!
  8. From about 6 1/2 - 7 months - I stopped giving him milk feeds as part of his solid meals - he didn't want it - like someone else said - give him yoghurts, cheese, cows milk on cereal etc milk feeds are first thing - 5/6pm and before bed. (bf) it works with work too - he has solids for rest of the day and has done for a long time now. (about 7 months - I think)

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