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Dropping from PGCE due to funding cuts

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by LittleStreams, Mar 3, 2011.

  1. LittleStreams

    LittleStreams New commenter

    Is anyone else having to have a major rethink about their career plans now? I cannot afford to do the PGCE without any funding, and I'm told there will be no time to do a part time job while doing the PGCE. Seems the only way I can get into teaching now is through the GTP. I had a firm offer at Canterbury too.

  2. LittleStreams

    LittleStreams New commenter

    Is anyone else having to have a major rethink about their career plans now? I cannot afford to do the PGCE without any funding, and I'm told there will be no time to do a part time job while doing the PGCE. Seems the only way I can get into teaching now is through the GTP. I had a firm offer at Canterbury too.

  3. Even with student loans?
    You have to think though... next year fees could go up to £9000 so if there's any way do it now!
  4. Hi
    I was supposed to have my PGCE interview today but I cancelled because there is just no way we as a family can afford for me to do it without funding. I have applied for a few GTP positions so I am keeping my fingers crossed.
    I know the fees are going to go up but if I can't afford it now there is no way I can afford it next year. If I had known sooner I may have tried to save up the £9000 I thought I was going to get so at least the money would be there or if I couldn't then I just would not have applied.
    I even tried the OU route but they are full until November so by then there will be no bursaries available.

    Hope you work something out.
  5. Yes, I have been trying to save, but working and living in London has made this virtually impossible. I am really worried about how I will be able to manage next year. I have an interview this morning, so I am going to see what happens, and if I get a place find out how much funding I would get before I make a choice. Luckily, I think I can 'borrow' from the bank of Dad, but feel really uncomfortable doing this as my parents already put me through my BA and my MA, and I will be 27 by the time the course starts.

    I am really concerned about giving up my full time job, as there may not be any jobs left by the time we finish the course!!
  6. josiejosie

    josiejosie New commenter

    I am so furious with these bursary changes... clearly the idea is to put off those who only thought of doing PGCE's to obtain the funding, but it also means that many of us will be stretched and undoubtedly many won't be able to study at all.
    I'd just echo what others have said, consider that this year will be the last year with 3k fees, next year the situation will be bleaker and who knows what else the government will pull out of their bag of dirty tricks. Definitely it's worth going ahead this year and dare i say it even if you have to take out a career development loan (up to 10k), you'll at least be funded through the course and the repayments will only begin a month after you finish (so whether that's in a teaching related job over the summer or in any old job that'll help get the repayments started).
    The thing about teaching is it's (relatively) secure, though those on the unemployed teachers board would disagree, relative to many other professions you are pretty well set up once you have a PGCE. Whether that means teaching abroad in an international school or here in a maintained one, you will have a really valuable qualification that I believe is still excellent value for money even without the bursary (compare the way we're weighing this up in relation to choosing a degree or an MA, for example).
    If you're really set to teach please don't let this draconian coalition screw you over, because it will be a source of regret in the future, and next year you'll be even worse off.
    Best of luck to everyone struggling with this - I'm in the same boat and it just feels like all pre-employment routes these days are based on the model of internships, since the PGCE is mostly placement work in schools, we should be entitled to some remuneration. Working for free is a luxury of the rich, and this government is creating a selected wealthy cohort of teachers and excluding ordinary working and many middle class students from teaching the next generations.
    These changes will affect GENERATIONS.
    They haven't expanded the GTP programme this year as far as I can see, meaning next year competition for places on employment based routes will be incredibly fierce.
    Rant over! Congratulations if you read this far. and PLEASE if you feel strongly about the government cuts don't just lie down and take it, write to Gove, write to your MP, join the TUC anti-cuts march on the 26th in London.

  7. My friend took out a career development loan to cover her social work masters which went into repayment one month after finishing the course, The minimum monthly repayment the bank would accept was £280. She is yet to get a social work position two years after qualifying and is now working three jobs to make ends meet. Also bear in mind that if we are lucky enough to get a teaching job (many don't seem to be able to) student loan repayments from undergrad courses will start immediately and then from the PGCE the following April. So teachers at the bottom of the payscale who have taken out career development loans will realistically be taking home less than a thousand a month before paying rent bills or any other financial commitments..... why didn't I take physics at uni?
  8. gazzereth26

    gazzereth26 New commenter

    Yes I have had a major rethink! I've been working for a school for over a year now. I have recently bought my first house and could not jepordise my mortgage payments by training for free. I'm going elsewhere and will consider a PGCE in time to come. We all know teacher training will cost more and schemes like Teach First will be recruiting the best but I'm happy waiting for a government that will offer some kind of support to potential teachers. Consider your options, no doubt a new funding system will appear... Hopefully!

  9. I'm in the last year of my degree and I've had to take three jobs just to pay my rent and eat so there's no way I can support myself on just a student loan with no income from part-time work. I had applied to do a PGCE next year but it looks pretty impossible now. It makes me really angry that this government expects people to do essentially the same amount of hours as a teacher (if not more) and live on £3,500 for the whole year, especially since, by the time a lot of people do their PGCE, they have mortgages or children to support. It's not like we're going to end up in a job where we make loads of money and don't add anything to the community - this is teaching, it's utterly essential. I still can't believe that PGCE students will have to pay £9,000 tuition fees as well from next year! I'm now looking for work as a TA next year in the hope that I'll eventually be able to get onto a GTP or Teach First.

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