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Drop my hours, throw my toys out the pram or leave?

Discussion in 'Workplace dilemmas' started by lars, Aug 23, 2019.

  1. lars

    lars New commenter

    I need some perspective on this and I’m hoping you can help me find it... I teach 0.8 in a very optional subject (social sciences based)

    I’ve just found out that our A level numbers have dropped which means we are going to lose a group. The group affected is one that I had on my timetable for 4 hours per fortnight. I was already 1 lesson under allocation per fortnight so this amounts to a whole day/5lessons per fortnight under allocation.

    There is a massive back story to this that I posted about before involving a decision by the former head and my HoD to recruit a full time member of staff into a vacancy that was only 0.8! The new recruit had worked with us before and made my life hell! Everything I feared has come true, falling 6th form numbers and the affect on hours - specifically mine.

    I’m angry and feel let down by the HoD (she doesn’t want to change the group allocations) which makes me want to leave... BUT this is a great school - and I don’t want the new recruit to win/push me out.

    I could reduce my hours down to 0.7 so a 10% cut which I can ill afford.

    Or I could put up/shut up and spend 5 hours per fortnight teaching any subject at all.

    Any thoughts?
  2. phlogiston

    phlogiston Star commenter

    That's a bit of a downer for the last week of the holidays.
    You can't stomp off until Christmas.
    I'd be inclined to give it a go, see how things pan out and what bottom set year 8 you get on Wednesday afternoon.
    A good school is worth a fair amount. If yours is a minority A level subject, you have to face the reality of not many other jobs elsewhere,
  3. gemmamarie08

    gemmamarie08 New commenter

    I don't know the back story as I haven't seen the thread.

    I wouldn't reduce your hours or leave at the moment if you are in a great school (apart from new recruit).

    Maybe it was easier to find someone who would take a full time post rather than part time?

    A-level numbers can be hard to predict as students change their minds once GCSE results are out.

    I would think about what you can offer to do in the extra 5 hours. Workshop for A-level? Developing resources for A-level? Even if it's just one lesson a week.

    What do you think you will have to teach in the 'spare' hours? Some variety might be good?
  4. Corvuscorax

    Corvuscorax Star commenter

    Try it and see first, resign or drop hours later if you are really unhappy
  5. lars

    lars New commenter

    Thanks - I’m starting to calm down a bit now.... there are other things I can offer, and we have a new head - maybe this is a blessing heavily disguised!!

    Or, I end up with some dreadful bottom set as phlogiston mentioned - in which case I’ll be following the newbie’s usual approach and having a massive hissy fit to get my own way.... or more likely I’ll run!
    DexterDexter and grumpydogwoman like this.
  6. Corvuscorax

    Corvuscorax Star commenter

    How many different internet forums have you posted the same thing on?

  7. BoringGiant

    BoringGiant New commenter

    It's obvious why! No harm in getting a wide and varied sense of opinion!
  8. lars

    lars New commenter


    Because I am upset and wanted impartial advice.
  9. celago22

    celago22 Occasional commenter

    I agree with an earlier poster. See how it goes. The worst case situation is that you end up leaving at Christmas.
  10. christubbs

    christubbs New commenter

    Hi lars,

    I would stay put - the grass is not necessarily greener on the other side (as I have discovered). I don't know what extra subject you might teach but maybe you could suggest a subject/year group etc. EPQ? Helping with UCAS? Mentoring ? Health and Social Care (!!!) you might get lucky and bag a nice class - who may or may not be a bottom set - not all top sets are nice!

    If its a good school you feel settled in, I would stay and try and spend as much time with other staff.

    Good luck :)
  11. caterpillartobutterfly

    caterpillartobutterfly Star commenter

    Five hours a fortnight of something naff isn't the end of the world!
    mothorchid and starlightexpress like this.
  12. briancant

    briancant Occasional commenter

    Cut your hours and do some private tutoring, it's brilliant. You meet fantastic students and their parents you can make more per hour than from teaching and there is no hassle! From what you've said looks like they are going to slowly push you out anyway.
  13. krakowiak6

    krakowiak6 Occasional commenter

    IF you can get enough students amongst the hundreds of private tutors out there.
    You said you charge £20 an hour which is not more per hour than from teaching.
  14. briancant

    briancant Occasional commenter

    I charge £25 now but most people are charging between 30-40. I did say you 'can' make more per hour than from teaching. The key word being can.
  15. briancant

    briancant Occasional commenter

    Thinking about it a lot of teachers are working 10 hours a day, if they do that for 39 weeks a year at £20 ph they would make £39000. So perhaps even at £20ph I could remove the can?
  16. Abitofeverything

    Abitofeverything Occasional commenter

    Could you go down to 0.7 and make up the shortfall with a few hours' tutoring?

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