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Drop in OFSTED

Discussion in 'Heads of department' started by Kaliblue, May 8, 2012.

  1. Hi all,
    has any one experienced one of these no notice inspections? Are they still going ahead after the announcement at the weekend? Is there any advice out there on the new OFSTED focus or criteria?
    Any advice/ thoughts welcome.
  2. True, but I am wondering how long it takes to drop a proposal like this .... If we were in line for one.
  3. That's all it was, a proposal. It had not come into force yet.
  4. We've been done yesterday and today as part of the short notice pilot. School got the call at about 3pm on Wednesday and the inspection team arrived at 8am on Thursday for a full two day section 5 inspection. We'd been warned they were trialling these short/no notice inspections in our LEA this half term but I must admit after Gove's announcement last weekend I was hoping we'd get the normal 48 hrs. A nearby school in the LEA also got done at the same time but they were given 48hrs notice! Not a level playing field.
  5. Sorry - a little late in replying - we had the countries first ever no notice inspection. They turned up at 8.30am - called from the car park to say that they would be inspecting us in 5 mins (school starts with tutorial at 8.40am)......it was only a one day inspection and once they arrived they informed us that they were focusing mainly on literacy, behaviour and a couple of other things. It was a real panic - i've never seen SLT sweat so much!! During tutorial, teachers were literally running from room to room giving updates and notices etc. I actually did not get a visit from an inspector but a member of my dept. was graded inadequate as a child was seen with his head on the desk - a little unfair 3 weeks in to the term with a new teacher - especially as inspector was only in room for 15 mins.


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