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Dress Code in new academy

Discussion in 'Pay and conditions' started by greeneyes, Sep 9, 2011.

  1. greeneyes

    greeneyes New commenter

    I work in an academy and we only received the dress code for the academy a week before we opened.
    The dress code states (for women) that we are expected to wear a suit or a jacket combined with skirt/dress/trousers.
    It also says no stiletto heels and that shoe heels should be of a reasonable height (eg court shoes).
    Today I wore a black top, a brown long tartan skirt and a jacket. I also had on brown mid-length boots with a thick heel. I was pulled by my Director because I wasn't in a suit and because I was wearing boots. I pointed out that it didn't say boots weren't allowed and that I had seen a fellow colleague wearing knee length black boots the day before.
    I didn't point out that I'd also seen a number of colleagues wearing a stiletto heel (which they justified as being smaller) and they would wear the jacket combination option.
    The Director had said in a meeting that they expected us to be in suits, but when I spoke to the Vice Principal even they said that we had a choice. I've seen both gender choosing to mix (as in, not necessarily wear a suit).
    It's no secret that my Director and I don't get on, but I don't want to get pulled on every tiny thing. I said to the VP I wouldn't wear the boots again, but genuinely thought they were fine as they had a thick heel on them.
    Surely my Director can't pull me on not wearing a suit? They also told me that, despite an outbreak of eczema which required ointment on my arm, I'd still have to wear a jacket at all times. I went to the VP about that, who did say that medical reasons obviously meant I didn't have to wear a jacket for now - though I have carried it in school with me.
  2. littlerussell

    littlerussell New commenter

    How ridiculous is the only comment I can think to make.
  3. I also work in an academy and we have a dress code which states women and men are to wear suits. Jackets can be removed in class but are to be worn on the corridors.
    It is up to you but personally I would save my battles and just go along with this as it isn't really hugely important. It could be they just didn't notice stillettos; I don't always notice footwear. Given the precarious nature of employment in academies I would want to avoid making an issue over small things I'm afraid.

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