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Dreaming about failing Ofsted!

Discussion in 'Personal' started by impulce, Apr 9, 2012.

  1. Two nights in a row now (and during the holidays at that!) I have had a recurring dream about failing Ofsted! During the first, I broke down under the pressure/interrogation about data and started crying and screaming and quit teaching. During the second, I had 3 disastrous lesson observations in a row - I had no planning, and spent 99% of the lessons getting them to sit down and listen. I then started crying and screaming and quit teaching again. Do you think they're trying to tell me something!?
    I have had Ofsted on the brain since September now - It'll be my first and I am also SLT so feel under a lot of pressure not to let the school down. I've also had two observations at Satisfactory when everyone else got Good and whilst I know that shouldn't get to me, it makes me feel that I shouldn't be SLT when I am the weakest teacher.
    We've had a lot of changes in leadership at school and lots of problems, so are likely to get NTI or SM. The waiting/worrying is starting to take over my life and even though I am still enjoying time with friends/family and outwardly look fine, I CONSTANTLY have this little knot of uncertainty in my stomach - I can't remember the last time I felt entirely relaxed. It's starting to really get to me, and I would actually quit this job and jump straight into something easier if I could afford to!
    I don't know why it is affecting me this much - normally Im quite good at just telling myself "It's just a job!" but now these dreams have started! Grrr.
  2. Have a checklist. Work out everything you need to do for Ofsted, write it down and when it's done tick the box.
    Writing a list means you're not carrying it all round in your head - if something else occurs to you, on the list it goes.
    Good luck.
  3. If it helps, I am constantly dreaming that I'm being observed and haven't got any of my resources ready, the books aren't marked and the lesson is a disorganised mess!
    It hasn't happened in reality yet, I am sure it won't for you [​IMG]

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