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Dream job has come up and Head will not let me start until January...

Discussion in 'Workplace dilemmas' started by the-physical-educator, Jun 1, 2011.

  1. the-physical-educator

    the-physical-educator New commenter

    Hi there,

    I am hoping someone can offer some advice as I am in a difficult situation.

    Basically the day before we broke up for Half Term a job was advertised at an old school where I did my Teacher Training and one which holds a lot of fond memories for me.

    The closing day is the first day back and so just exceeds the deadline for starting a job in September, if I was too successful at interview.

    Bearing this in mind I immediately approached the schools Head Teacher and was honest and upfront about my reasons for applying (a major being that it is a lot closer to home and will help with child care). I stressed that I was aware that the deadline will have exceeded but hoped that what I had offered to the school during my two years, he might make an exception.

    Despite my best efforts he said that if I was successful at interview he would not release me until January.

    I am aware that my contract states that I must allow the school sufficient notice but if I was in the position move, the school would have nearly 7 weeks to recruit as well as the 6 week holidays!

    I just wondered whether anyone else has ever been in this situation and if so what they did.

    I feel that this career opportunity is going to pass me by if I am not in a position to start in September, I've had the old ' if they like you, they will wait...' said to me but still feel confused as what to do...
  2. I know lots of teachers who have gotten new jobs in the last half term and started the new post in September....I think it is really unfair of your Head to be so difficult about it. If you really want this other job and you get it then your heart will move with the job and not be in your current role anyway. The resentment you will feel at having to work out a term in your old job will influence you, subsequently it is highly likely you will become less effective, spend less time producing high quality work and everyone loses out.
    Go for the job and if you get it take it. What's your Head going to do? I have never heard of a school taking legal action against teachers who break contracts although I know they can. Do what is best for you- no one else will
  3. ilovesooty

    ilovesooty Star commenter

    So you're suggesting that if the OP gets the job she effectively says "screw you" to the HT, the school and the governors, and walks out at the end of the summer term, whether or not her resignation for this time is accepted?
  4. Don't go... you never know when you will cross paths with your current employer again. Teaching is a very small world.
  5. strawbs

    strawbs Established commenter

    There is nothing to stop you applying, and if successful ask to start in January. Your HT cannot complain about this, and you will be perfectly within your rights to leave then. Your HT has already suggested this.
    If the new school really want you then they will wait for you. They will assume at this stage that teachers already in post will not be able to start in Sept.
  6. If the new school really want you, then there is a possibility that the new HT will make a deal with the old HT to let you go early. You will just have to be up front with the new school, but do go for it if it is your dream job. You have nothing to lose. But don't walk out of your current job at the end of the term if no agreement has been made between the HTs, you will possibly end up with no job then. Good Luck.
  7. littlerussell

    littlerussell New commenter

    If you follow the advice and apply with the intention of requesting that they hold the position until January, then firstly indicate this in your letter of application; and secondly make sure your current head is aware of this. If he is approached for a reference, then he is likely to indicate in that that you are not available in September. This might go against you if you are shortlisted and appear to playing one school off against the other.
  8. the-physical-educator

    the-physical-educator New commenter

    Thanks for all your advice people.
    I have applied for the post and so will see how it pans out.
    Thanks again

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