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dreading the summer

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by defeatmydemons, Jul 22, 2011.

  1. anyone else?
  2. Yes, I am.
  3. Anyone else dreading the 597 different "what do I put in my supply bag" threads when there are already 10 of them on the front page of this forum that they haven't bothered to read/add to instead of starting their own!?
  4. huh?
  5. jj80

    jj80 New commenter

    and I dont need anyone else asking me if Im going anywhere on holiday this summer! [​IMG] anyone else live in east London and needs a friend this summer?! lol
  6. I'll be working for The Autism Society all Summer.
    Only £10, but bills need paying... [​IMG]
  7. I have to sign on, I hate it and it never goes very far mind you neither does the supply work, I desperately need a job, why will no one give me one?
  8. I ask myself that everyday...
  9. jemlouisehunt

    jemlouisehunt New commenter

    I am actually looking forward to the summer. 5 weeks of knowing my hours during the week and knowing that I'll be getting up to go to work and not getting up just to wait to see if the phone rings :eek:) 5 weeks of stability...sounds sad but that's the life of a supply teacher

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