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Dreadful Igcse and A level results. Confidence at zero

Discussion in 'Art and design' started by tomyum, Aug 27, 2012.

  1. tomyum

    tomyum New commenter

    Sorry to hear that's happened - it's such a blow to your confidence, isn't it?
    I'm assuming that you're locked in to the IGCSE qualification at your school and cannot change. Have you requested a copy of the moderator's report for your centre? Your exams officer should be able to get you a copy, or help you to do so. This should have some helpful info on where the moderator thinks your students could improve.
    Also, I recently found this blog: http://www.amiria.co.nz/artist/
    it's full of really excellent examples of IGCSE work and A-level stuff (ie lots of 'top in the world' sketchbook pages etc) As far as I remember the IGCSE is really keen on careful observational work and that is what this blog seems to have loads of.
    Good luck!

  2. Wolfiefish

    Wolfiefish New commenter

    Strangely enough I was looking at that website about an hour ago. The artwork is of a very high standard. However the work is for the Cambridge exam, not Edexcel. In Edexcel the pupils have to submit 3 A2 sheets of prep work and not sketch books. So in a way, it is helpful, but then not because of the limitation of the3 sheets.
    Doesn't Cambridge have 2 exams that form the IGCSE. One thematic and the other Observational drawing. That would account for all the obs work.
    But still a really great website for ideas. Thanks.

  3. This might be helpful!
    "This full-colour downloadable document is an introduction to the Internationally renowned Edexcel IGCSE in Art and Design. It has been written by John Heaton, Chief Examiner of the IGCSE. John has collected examples of every grading decision from Exceptional to Weak and has included both his own and student comments. This will be a very useful resource for teachers of the IGCSE, in particular those who are new to the qualification or are thinking of delivering this in their school."
  4. I have just been in post for a year in KSA and we are doing Edexcel as a normal GCSE. I only had my yr11's for 1 year, they had no work to speak of from year 10 but they worked their socks off and did some very good coursework. They had learnt good practice on how to develop their project work and yet when the marks came back in august I was horrified by the results. pupils I had as A and A*s were given B grades and the C's where left alone. There is no way pupils who are that able to achieve an A grade can be only a grade above my weak C grade pupils. I have to say I am very sceptical of the moderation process as all of our work was sent off and I have no idea how it was marked. I am doing everything I can this year to do things differently regarding the admin.
  5. the document posted from ed-excel with examples of the different gradings is very useful. this will the first time my school has students taking the igcse as well as the first time for me to teach it as before I taught in the uk. after reading these posts I am very nervous for my students.I am worried that I have estimated their grades wrong as well as them having only one year to prepare. but thanks for all you have shared.
  6. sharon52

    sharon52 New commenter

    I have had my IGCSE results we used EDEXCEL for the first time and over all I am pleased with our results, previously we used CIE first two years good and then they started to drop, Students prioritized unless they wanted to study art they used the lesson as a " I can afford to fail it subject" This year our over all grades improved again with a large cohort 33 from a generation of 70.
    I have the grades and images of the work and I will share it with any one who needs another set of work to look at
  7. mashmosh

    mashmosh New commenter

    I would love to see your examples if that is still possible?

  8. vsadeq

    vsadeq New commenter Jobseekers' Forum Host


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