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Dreadful AS Unit 2 results

Discussion in 'Drama and performing arts' started by corblimeyguvnor, Aug 15, 2012.

  1. Thanks - but I've been on and there's no box saying results on my account.......looks like it's a stupidly early start for me tomorrow....thanks for trying! [​IMG]
  2. Walsh, they can't award or deduct marks based on the director's interpretation. I know Ginny Spooner said she once used it to when she couldn't understand an interpretation of a well known character and it helped her make sense of it and so she felt she was able to award high marks for it. But it wasn't the director's interpretation she was awarding, just using it to confirm her instincts about the performance.

    I have also found that more abstract pieces have done better as I find that students find naturalism harder to do convincingly. However, there was one year I got the impression that the examiner favoured a naturalistic approach. it's really good to hear you say that you awarded such high marks for a piece you hated Nicky! I think that's so important for drama as we all have our own personal preferences. I hope the majority of examiners are the same! I do fear that there will always be a few who aren't as good though. :(
  3. Yep! The next hurdle! And, as I said on the other thread, so unpredictable! :(

    Nicky, how frustrating!! Grrrr!!!
  4. Yeah thats what I meant. Sorry - been up since four with worry! I think it actually might have been Ginny who said it to me too! Ha.

    Roll on next Wednesday. Sorry you can't get online Nicky! I wonder when results plus will be working!?!?
  5. corblimeyguvnor

    corblimeyguvnor New commenter

    I think my worry is that it was subjectively marked as a piece, rather than on performances.
    It was a bit of a marmite piece - we had 100 in the audience - it was a 50/50 split reaction of those who raved about it and those who said they loved the individual performances and energy but "didn't get it". We were going for a Mitchell-esque style with moments of abstract unison.
    My directors concept was about two pages long and very detailed. We took a 'difficult' play and tried to put a practitioner's slant on it with an 'ensemble' approach. These were my 5 most able kids and worked SO hard. What I'm shocked at is that the focus/commitment/energy was in my opinion outstanding for the who piece as was timing/communication in the group - moments of complete unison etc.
    In contrast in the other group the focus was dreadful and not sustained and the piece was 15 minutes! But the concept was basically "take an easy comical play and perform the first 15 minutes of the play in the style it was written" (they were a VERY weak group).
    The weak group have got 96/78/89 and the other group have all got less than 70/120!!! These 5 kids all got in the outstanding band for practical in Unit 1 and the Moderator has said "the students marked in band 1 were accurately assessed and show focus and ability in the practical session" - so these are talented, able kids.
    I'm waiting on the comment sheets and then will ask for a remark, but I dont hold out much hope. I've never asked for a remark before as I've NEVER (in 12 years) had practical marks less than a low B for A Level. To suddenly get Ds is a shock and makes me look incompetant.
    From being on this and other Drama forums I know that marking alterations are unlikely so I'm gutted for the kids :-(
  6. Marks can get changed so GO FOR IT! You need to see the examiner comments as they may really help. It may not have been the group peice that was the weakest.
    Did you really just perform the first 15 minutes of ART? This is not allowed as the characters need to go through the journey of the play - that is why they have got rid of splitting plays in half with different casts.I have done Art twice and both times the pupils have got A's and B's. Characterisation is clear and they are on stage all the time so it is 'easy' for the examiner to mark.
    It is heartbreaking when pupils do not get rewarded for their hard work and even worse when apparent 'slackers' are rewarded. I have a similiar situation this year where my lowest AS grade is a hardworking capable girl - as opposed to some slack boys who pulled it out of the bag.
    We have all had bad results so know how you feel - people on here have been supportive to me in the past - it just really really niggles and leaves at pit in your stomach.
    Don't forget your A2 results are brilliant - I am totally jealous of your Unit 4 -thought we had nailed it last year but gone back again :( So try and remember that your units 1/3/4 are great and appeal against 2!
  7. corblimeyguvnor

    corblimeyguvnor New commenter

    Thanks so much for your positivity.
    A colleague directed Art. They basically did the first long scene and then the end short scene - no adaptation or real 'concept'. What angers me most is that the 'slackers' have come out best. It just makes a mockery of hard work.
    To be honest I feel like they just learnt the lines and performed them - no thought, effort, energy, commitment etc. The teacher/director made the cuts and I know for a fact (as he told me) that one boy (who got 96) had not even read the whole play!
    The ones who got the rubbish marks attended every rehearsal, studied the play in depth, commited, focused etc, collaborated, responded etc.
    It just feels unfair! But I will see if a remark gets us anywhere. As you say, I have to focus on the positive of Units 1,3 and 4. But the kids won't see it that way. I know that the film is not amazing quality either so that will not give the best impression.
    Now dreading tomorrow, facing the kids and next week with the GCSE results!
  8. Good luck with the re-marks - you never know!!!!
    As for me....well, I'll let you all know tomorrow after I've faced the kids and have no answers to their myriad of questions regarding how many UMS marks were they off a specific grade etc until I go away and analyse them and realise that they have in fact now left school or have forgotten all about their question when I next see them in September - booo hisss!!!!
    And; it'll be the same again next week......I'm REALLY not looking forward to the GCSE results.....not positive at ALL!
  9. I totally agree with rentonave - you have some great results there so don't despair completely. I know that appeals don't always work. I had an appeal that wasn't moved, though I was later told it should have done, but last year we were successful. Every single kid was moved by a considerable amount - Ds to Bs, Bs to As... It can happen so definitely, definitely try.

    It is so hard. I can imagine it being hard if you've had two teachers and two very different plays as it does make this sort of thing worse. Just remember that lots of us have been in your shoes! I think the best thing to say to the kids is that you are as confused as they are and that you plan to appeal. There's nothing else you can say. I know it's hard though.

    Nicky, I totally agree. It's such a nightmare when you go in cold and have no time to think. I hate it. It's so much better when you have time to analyse and get to grips with your results so you know which students to make a big effort to see and can have answers ready for them if necessary. Nightmare. :(

    When will grade boundaries be available?

    Also dreading GCSE! May have to start another thread! Ugh!
  10. corblimeyguvnor

    corblimeyguvnor New commenter

    Resultsplus will be available from 6am tomorrow so at least I can see where they fell down.
  11. I'm feeling your pain!! Anyone else been marked down really harshly on Unit 1? This has never happened to me before and i am mightily confused!!!!
  12. Grr, I can't click on that link either Crunchynut, and I can't get my moderator reports to send to me! Has anyone else managed to get a moderator report? We have a new exams officer who hasn't handily put them all in my pigeonhole like the old one used to! My unit 2s are quite fair this year, with a couple of the usual head-scratchers - the girl who did no work and drove her poor group to distraction then busked the performance playing herself and making up lines at will has come out with a very generous C while the brilliant student who acts professionally, did painstaking preparation and mesmerised on the night has a B, but on the whole the results are about right. Thank goodness that's over - just one more week of fear, nerves, sick stomach and sleepless nights before the GCSEs - I love being a drama teacher!
  13. I have my moderators reports - but got it yesterday when may have been less traffic!
    I think that the 'fair' comment about the Unit 2's may be a common theme this year. The news is full of the reduction in A grades and exam boards being tougher -I feel that the Unit 2's marks may reflect this. My results this year are fair but last year they all got an A for Unit 2!
    I am a sixth form tutor and have just returned from school, apart for a handful - there do seem to be less A's floating about.

  14. My exams officer has given me my Moderator Report and I've managed to download individual students' breakdown of marks via Results Plus - but I was online at 6am to do that!!!!!
    My results were good. A2 was everything across the board from A* to E ( no U grades; thank goodness). Again; unit 4 is a priority for me to get right next year as I had about a 50/50 split of students who did well in it and students who didn't do quite so well. My A* got 116/120 which I thought was amazing!!!!
    AS were pretty much what I'd thought to be honest. No changes in Unit 1 marks although they felt I was slightly generous - hmmm; going to have to sort THAT out next year!!??!! Unit 2 was a bit of a mixed bag but; again, roughly what I thought. Some got lower marks than I'd have thought but some got slightly higher than I'd thought so it balances itself out nicely. Nobody lower than a C though - my best statistically yet! Concepts were marked between 4 and 8 out of 10 so; no trees pulled up there either. Anyone got a magic 10 concept this year? I'd love to see one!!!!
    All in all; I'm happy and just home to pick the stats to bits now (the fun bit)......only GCSE to go next week which I am sure will be a completely different story considering the examiner I had took approximately half an hour between each piece (then denied it)!!! I hope it's not affected the kids' marks too much! This time next week..............................
    Nicky [​IMG]
  15. No magic 10s here! Have now got the Unit 2 breakdown which is so useful. I'm pretty happy with it. Some v high practical which I was hoping for and some lower but all broadly fair - ranging from A-E which reflects the kids' abilities. The WPC will continue to be a focus for us. I'm really confused as I felt we'd got to grips with it this year. All between 4-7 but quite a lot of 5s. Used some exemplar outstanding ones from Edexcel as a basis for our guidelines so pretty confused. Need to address this as it's definitely lower than practical. So wish it wasn't part of the exam!!! Any more words of wisdom would be appreciated!

    I do agree with others that they've cautiously marked this year. Our Unit 2s, as I said, are very fair but not generous as such. Our Unit 1, which we marked more cautiously this year, we were told was a bit generous at the top end. That's interesting as we've never been told that before and we had a stronger class. Makes me wonder if they're marking it slightl harsher this year. Not enough to scale us though so mustn't have been too out. Unit 3 they said was spot on so that's good.

    Unit 4 I was pleased with - range from As to an E and a U but broadly in line with expectations of students and some exceeded what I'd hoped.

    So the WPC remains out biggest focus for next year! Pleased with results overall. I think the general picture seems to suggest slightly lower marks across all subjects. Would be interested to find out more and whether this is the case or just press hype.

    Off to look again in detail.
  16. I am just catching up with the posts and I am rapidly losing faith in the Drama moderation system. My three, very able, students, having all achieved distinctions in their LAMDA medal exams put in first class performances in their Unit 2monologues and Play. Result - C! We immediately, after reading the moderators comments, put in for a re-mark. Two weeks later we receive the standard reply in two lines "in response to your request....etc."

    Very disappointing.

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