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Dreadful AS Unit 2 results

Discussion in 'Drama and performing arts' started by corblimeyguvnor, Aug 15, 2012.

  1. corblimeyguvnor

    corblimeyguvnor New commenter

    Well yet again another set of very shocking and strange results for Unit 2 (Edexcel). My Unit 1 marks have all been agreed, with the moderator commenting that my 8 students are band 1 and agreeing As (and very high Bs for them all).
    Unit 2 they ALL have Cs and Ds. My best student has a low C with one of my worst students on a high C! I know appeals are pointless - results are rarely changed.
    Just another year of having to deal with sad kids who will now not continue into U6th. I'm gutted.
    I will appeal anyway, knowing it is futile. Video recordings never capture it.
  2. My results are overall okay but my Unit 4 written paper is the weak spot and but I can't get on Results Plus yet to see the breakdown of what went wrong.
    I think it is always awful when Unit 2 is the weakest because the pupils take it the most seriously as it is about the ACTING and it dents their confidence. Maybe when you get the breakdown of what they got for each section it may be worth appealing- don't rule it out. I know my recording broke in the examiners machine so I have no chance of appealing!
  3. If your recording broke in the examiner's machine, you should have a chance of appealing as you met the requirements of submitting the recording. I take it that you have the master tapes - or movie file on you pc - so get another burned to disk so that you can appeal if you need to.
  4. We are ok over here for AS and A2. Highest mark for AS Unit 2 was 111/120 (UMS) and have been blown away by a student getting 120/120 for Unit 4!!!!! Will deffo be calling that paper back.

    We had the examiner, his/her team leader and his/her team leader in for our Unit 2 teacher directed plays. So I am assured that the marks are accurate.

    Also our moderation for Unit 1 and Unit 3 remains unchanged. Lets hope its like that for GCSE next week. Apparently we were spot on with our marking.
  5. This is making me really quite nervous!!!
    I've logged onto edexcelonline and I'm not able to get my results either - am I doing something wrong?
  6. Have you asked for the broadsheet of results? Once you click the qualification you click the results tab and search for results and ask them to be sent to your edexcelonline inbox in BROADSHEET.PDF format. Thats how I got mine. Let me know if you need anymore help.
  7. I don't have a drop down menu on results - I am so annoyed! I just want to know my results rather than getting up at 5am to download it all before going into school tomorrow for 7am!
  8. Making me nervous too!
    I have also tried edexcelonline and can't access any results yet - our acounts must be set up differently. When I select qualification - RESULTS tab has no options for me :-(
    Any other ideas/help to access them?

  9. ok hold up - let me go onto edexcel online to help. Give me two seconds.
  10. Firslty, you are on www.edexcelonline.com?

    Log in using username and password. then go to qualification (drop down menu top left corner). Select GCE and it should automatically refresh for you. Then there should be a RESULTS tab appear in the horizontal menus on the left hand side. The tab should have a little arrow. Select REPORTS BULK DOWNLOAD. Then on the SESSION drop down menu that appears you should select JUNE 2012. You should then find that it delivers to you edexcelonline inbox within about 30 mins.
  11. If all else fails then maybe try results plus. Although my results don't seem to have transferred across yet. Grrrrr
  12. Hi walshj77
    Yes I'm doing all that but I get as far as clicking on GCE and going down to the Results tab but there's no little arrow telling me there's a drop down menu. So, I have no drop down menu and therefore no results available to me.
    I've emailed edexcelonline to see if there's a problem on their end or if somehow my settings have been changed to stop me accessing my results....grrr!!!
    Thanks for trying to help - looks like I'm getting up in the middle of the night to download mine tomorrow!!??!!
  13. Hmmmm maybe its something with your user account. I was going to suggest ringing edexcel. Let me know how it goes.
  14. Just phoned Edexcel - looks like my exams officer has changed our settings to make it unavailable to us...... :(
  15. grrrrrr how very very annoying. I would ring exams officer as they must be in today??
  16. corblimeyguvnor

    corblimeyguvnor New commenter

    It is your exams sec you need to contact as they will have set up your edexcel account with the wrong settings - some schools dont allow teachers to acces results early (my Dad's school only allow SMT access).
    The Exam sec manages all of the Edexcelonline accounts and need to allow you access to results broadsheets.
    I'm so depressed now. Our Unit 1, 3 and 4 results were outstanding - all As for unit 4! so our A2 results are amazing - all As and Bs, but even though they all got As and high Bs for Unit 1, the students have all ended up with low Bs or Cs over all.
    It is also the disparity - one boy, who is in my opinion the worst actor but did a 'classical' monologue and 'easy' comedy (a 15 minute naturalistic extract of Art) for Section B has got the highest mark (borderline A). My most 'talented' girl who did a challenging contemporary monologue and play abstract for section B got a low C. So I guess I have to stick to classical texts and naturalism from now on...yawn.
    The kids will see it as the 'lazy' students (in other words barely came to school, put the 14 minute piece together by learning lines at home and then doing it as very basic naturalism) being rewarded whilst the ones who commited 100% and worked as an ensemble to create something (30 minutes) contemporary have ended up with Ds! Consequently due to the weighting of the units the laziest student has a higher mark than the most hard-working. It is crazy. I have just sat and watched the videos again. I will appeal.
    Can any examiners for this unit tell me how much the Director's Concept notes/explanation which is submitted affects the students marks or is it not taken into account at all? I'm worried that the examiner just hasn't "got" what we were going for with the piece as I directed it and felt that the students completely captured my aims as a director. I have requested the comment sheets so I can see what comments have been made before I appeal.
  17. All ok here, thankfully! My Unit 2s were my big concern and all seems good - as hoped/expected. 2 kids slightly lower but may well make sense when I can get on breakdown. A2 also as hoped/expected and really pleased with Unit 4 as they found it so hard and have done well. Will be calling for some papers this year! Haven't got moderators reports yet but doesn't look like anything has been moved. Can't get on results plus at the moment - I can't select the analyse results option which is annoying.

    Corblimeyguvnor, I know exactly how you are feeling. I would urge you to appeal as ours were changed dramatically last year. It is so upsetting when you feel that the marks are genuinely wrong. Wait for the breakdown and, if it still feels wrong, appeal. I'm so sorry. :(
  18. Hi
    The Director's concept isn't marked; it just puts the play into some context for the examiners prior to the performance. I've seen some very detailed concepts and some very short, basic concepts and to me personally, it makes no difference. I mark what I see and hear (and the qulaity of) as should all examiners to be honest. I've seen stuff I don't particularly like but you're supposed to look beyond that and mark the students performances - the play I didn't like; I gave one student full marks for their performance as it was THAT good (despite the fact I hated the play!).
    Get your comment sheets and take it from there. Good Luck !
  19. I read somewhere that the Directors report should link closely to the final performance outcomes. i.e. if you say you are doing it in XXXX style and its not performed in XXXX style then they could loose marks. I think it might have been on examiners report that I read it.

    Also, anyone know when results plus will be working properly. I want to do some analysis!!

    Just GCSE now - more scared about that!

    Also, with regards to Abstract/Naturalistic. We always find that abstract tends to work better. However, I did Spring Awakening this year and kids did well. That was a mixture of abstract and naturalistic style.
  20. Also, on edexcelonline try clicking MY ACCOUNT and click the box that says RESULTS - if it lets you. That should then give you access to the results I think.

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