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Drawing Skills

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by Get_me_outta_here!, Dec 8, 2006.

  1. hi could you email me a copy of this to: bluegrapemedia@yahoo.com

  2. Pretty sure I'm part of the problem. I don't have a background in graphics or design at all, I did electronics with very little paper based design. And suddenly I'm teaching Product Design in a school that values graphics (didn't know this when I got the job). I'm trying my best to get up to speed, though.
  3. New Strings - The problem is people not coming to the table with 'their' strong resources. You've been employed as a teacher so I'm sure that you have a strong subject knowledge in one field or two.
    Like you said, your background is electronics, so where its a KS3/4 or even 5 piece of work that you think would be useful then please spend 20 minutes uploading it to this site or one similar.
    My initial rant was for the group of people that took the resource originally and didn't deliver on their part of the deal. I am completely aware that generally when people ask for a resource its because they are probably teaching in a field unknown to them.
    What I do know now though, is that when I got a problem with a circuit your my person to see! ;)
    The rest of the booklet will be up this weekend.
    Thanks for the reply.
  4. hi. we have found the same problem with our pupils. we have already decided that the first 4 weeks in september we are delivering graphics packages to all yr 7, 8, & 9 pupils to improve their skills. we have also begun a Prep for GCSE course for our current year 9 pupils which includes graphics, smart materials and other topics on a 4 week carousel. hopefully this will address the gaps in their skills. i would really appreciate a copy of your booklet. i will also collate someof our resources for you.
  5. XT600YAM

    XT600YAM New commenter

    I once tried to coach a newly qualified teacher who wanted all her students to have beautiful pages filled with 'neat nonsense' and pretty drawings, she was horrified at assessment time when she realised that her students had not shown any quick thinklng and had no idea of 5 minute modelling.' Having taught Graphics and RM for over 25 years I cannot recall students ever losing huge marks for a lack of pretty rendering or shading. Initial and developing ideas are supposed to be just that sketches only. You would be better of teaching card modelling instead.
  6. Duke of York

    Duke of York Star commenter

    The things I designed that made me a lot of money were designed on the back of fag packets in the pub. They only ever needed to be drawn in case we ended up so pi$$ed, that we forgot the ideas we'd shared. It was a golden age of invention, sadly lost when they banned smoking in pubs.

    I don't know whether anyone of you has tried drawing an idea on the back of a fag packet in the pi$$ing rain outside a pub, whilst trying to keep a fag alight at the same time.

    We smoked a lot in my heyday, but mostly because we needed the material to draw on. If we had a more enlightened government they would demand that pubs supply sketch pads and pencils on demand to anyone involved in technology.

    It's absurd that there is no end of paper and crayons for kids to scribble on to keep them quiet in pubs, yet provide nothing for those who might come up with fantastic ideas for the future.

    The mini, once the most iconic car the world has known was originally sketched out by a half-pi$$ed British-Greek designer on the back of a fag packet.

    Issigionis though, thought that the mini was a poor design compared to the Morris Minor and his greatest achievement wast the Austin 1800 one of which my father passed on to me and I think is best described as a three-piece suite with a motor and steering wheel.

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