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Drawing Skills

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by Get_me_outta_here!, Dec 8, 2006.

  1. Get_me_outta_here,

    I'd love one. I'm also thinking of ditching 'projects' to an extent, I don't think all kids are learning things. Sure they may be able to make a product but it's almost making-by-numbers and all they care about is making. Designing is taking a back seat somewhat.

    If anyone could email me the file, I'd appreciate it


  2. Its pretty refreshing to see some honesty written about what is happening. I keep on going to DT departments as a supply teacher and see some dreadful work.

    A drawing graphics block of a term at key stage 3 great and supports all the other DT areas is a great idea.

    My degree is in product design and I learned so many tricks which are just technique as opposed to artistic talent about illustration and presentation.

    I start with just a sheet full of shapes and all they have to do is draw guidelines to a single point perspective. Objective they understand guidelines line weights and vanishing point.

    Then I move on and give them three rectangles in a line to a single vanishing point. Then I do the guidelines and line weights again to re-enforce. Then I get them to render or shade in coloured pencil and say shade as if one block is wood one block is metal one block is acrylic.

    Or if I am in food then it becomes hot and cold coloured packaging. Using the same sheet and exactly the same idea.

    I show them how to do the wood and discuss high light mid tones and dark tones then get them to look and see.

    I hold a white wooden cube up and ask the class what colour it is. Silly question maybe someone will get it right. They say white I say yes some of it is white but if you look hard enough most of it is grey with bits of white as high light.

    Then tell them to look at things again tables anything. Look for the high light the mid tone the dark tone.

    Thats how I start I can go on to isometric - two point perspective I also have a great pastel shading exerciese (cheaper than marker rendering). Crating and all that stuff I really enjoy it they enjoy it. OFSTED are happy seeing a good lesson.

    and most important of all - I get repeat bookings on supply to pay the bills - and there aint better teacher motivation than that

    Also if you have Pro Desk Top once they have learnt some real graphic practical skills then Pro Desk Top really really comes in useful. Not for output to CAM which is heavy going but in support of graphics. Thats all later however Pro Desk Top is the tops for basic graphics of solid objects.

  3. Could I please have a copy of the booklet too


  4. I am hoping that you are still alive and fully functioning after the clearly overwhelming response to your post. I too have a Y11 Prod Des group whose collective drawing skills are put to shame by my year 7 "learning to learn" group who have been just drawing fonts using grids. I feel we need to build these skills returning to them regularly during the carousel. So if you are still with us I would love to see a copy of your pdf epic!!!!!

    Many thanks

  5. foxbat

    foxbat New commenter

    Hi there, I have been teaching a really nice little sheet on mark making using a pencil, different line stroke/weight, how to draw a square, circle etc.. all freehand, I move them onto 1 point then 2 point perspective, I have a sheet of iso paper and some shapes drawn in 2D design that they have to draw then render.Send me an email and I can email you stuff that i have.
  6. i haven't read all the posts but...

    when it comes to the gcse i would advise studying the mark scheme closely and apportioning effort accordingly even if it seems wrong. i saw a pd folder this week that got an A with quite low presentational skills. we must not allow our judgement to be clouded by our own slants on what should be there! gosh!
  7. adamsk1

    adamsk1 New commenter

    I have the same problem with my students - some can't even hold a pencil properly!

    I'd appreciate a copy of your booklet and offer some of my thoughts.

    I'm doing a similar thing to you, at the moment collecting lots of images to use for crating and isometric exercises - certainly with our subject and in order to develop any skill, then it's all about practice, practice...........and so on.

    I've been doing alot of freehand work with my students - making them stand up to sketch at the start of a lesson so they can see the whole sheet in front of them as a page, otherwise they want to rest their head on the sheet and draw tiny ideas.


  8. I hope this file downloading works, it'll be a first for me. Firstly I don't use the booklet anymore as it doesn't fit in with ticking all the boxes with the POS for the NC. Nevertheless, the booklet when I did use it did worked well.

    I haven't completed all the worksheets as some of the designs I completed freehand when I printed the pages off, but you'll know what to do when you see the incomplete pages.

    Hope it works for you.



  9. Just noticed too that the pdf folder is in the wrong order, but when you print it off you'll see the correct page numbers at the bottom right hand corner.
  10. You are so right!

    I've just started at a new place and i'm appalled by the presentation of the GCSE group I've taken on, in fact all of the students have no drawing skills at all. It seems that the person that currently teaches there doesn't teach any graphics skills at all. So the first thing I did was get all the students to start to drawing a 1cm margin at the bottom of the page and put the date and title in, instant improvement in presentation and i've banned felt pens too.

    I used to teach GCSE Graphics and a Y7 graphics course so I have lots I could help you with, if you liked.

    This new school only teaches PD but i'm even a bit miffed at how the school constantly gets amazing grades the way it is taught.

    I'd like to see what you've put together, if i may.


  11. I have downloaded the booklet and it is quite a piece of work, I especially like the idea of the students drawing items they identify with - i-pods etc. I take note of your points regarding some gaps in the worksheets as they involved freehand sketches but the download seems to missing several pages. It has an opening page then jumps to page 10 - is this correct? Or haveI downloaded it wrong?


  12. What a great idea. I have wanted to do this for so long as I feel the skills the kids have are non-existant. This year we are doing far more in graphics in KS3 (to up their skills)and I would really like to see what you are doing and get our team to contribute with ideas. A couple of years ago we did a bridging unit at the end of Yr 9 and concentrated on drawing skills. The kids really enjoyed it and were so much more confident at the end of the 3 hours. Please send me your booklet and on return I will send the bridging unit. cleigh@counthill.org.uk. Thanks
  13. I downloaded this excellent booklet several weeks ago but found the first few pages seemingly missing. I posted on the forum about this and have had no explanation, I would love to find out where these missing pages are- does anyone know. If you have them you can email me on 20201826@edgehill.ac.uk
  14. I'd love a copy please my address is cbason61@hotmail.com

    Thank you
  15. please could you send me a copy of the booklet if you still have it.


    many thanks
  16. I will sort out the pages tomorrow and scan in the missing images. I'll then upload the booket to the TES resources instead of having to download it from a hosting website.

    Hope this helps.
  17. Hi,

    I did a cover lesson for Yr 11 yesterday and they didnt even know what isometric drawings were - or thats what tey told me! I'd love a copy of this booklet you have. Iam pretty hopeless at drawing myself so would really appreciate it.



  18. I have just had a look at the resource section and I cannot see it - what name is it under? Sorry if it seems I am pestering but I am very keen to see the finished article!!!

    Many thanks
  19. Thought I'd have time but next week our school has a full inspection. It's on hold for at least a week!


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