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Drawing assesment

Discussion in 'Art and design' started by 88hagley, Sep 5, 2011.

  1. I like to start the term with a drawing assesment for all pupils. Last year pupils drew an apple then took a bite and drew the apple again and repeated this until it was just a core. The pupils loved it! I am wracking my brains trying to think of another 1 hour drawing lesson to see what level of drawing skills the pupils have. If anyone has any ideas please let me know. Many thanks in anticipation.
  2. artcrisis

    artcrisis New commenter

    Drawing ?
    No, assess them on creativity, competence, critical understanding and cultural awareness.
  3. To assess my pupils' drawing skills I usually let them draw each other in pairs in three rounds. First round: naturalistic drawing (10 minutes each/ 20 in total), round two: reduced forms (2 minutes/ 4 in total) last round: quite minimalistic (~ 30 seconds/ 1 minute). You can see how good they are at shading/plasticity in the first round, also how well they 'see', or 'understand' what exactly they are looking at. The second round reveals their ability to think abstract and the last shows how well they understand the basic forms behind every motif.
  4. Many thanks for that information. I should have not mentioned assessment. It was really drawing skills as you said. I will give it a go. Thankyou for your time. Have a good term.
  5. Hi just caught up with your request....an idea similar to the apple....save it for next year.
    Draw, eat, redraw etc. using biscuits as subject. You can sneak in some perspective challenges if you use Bourbons and custard creams. Even more popular than apples!!!!!!

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