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Drama Teacher, feeling a little lost!

Discussion in 'Career clinic' started by mithnoviel, Feb 10, 2016.

  1. mithnoviel

    mithnoviel New commenter

    Hello all.

    I'm in need of some advice and/or guidance here. I'm a QTLS holding drama teacher, qualified in 2014, have yet to have a permanent job and am starting to worry a little about my career prospects as I'm not getting any younger!!

    I chose to qualify as a post compulsory teacher in the first instance mostly because it was the phase of education I myself related to the most and it is a nice balance between making theatre and being a teacher.

    Every FE job I have applied for hasn't even short listed me due to lack of experience, I have written to every college and university local to me asking to come and work for free to gain some experience all to no avail. As such I've been applying to schools. I finished a six month maternity cover just before Christmas (so sad to leave there, even SLT said they had never had a temporary member of staff fit in so quickly and so well) and started a six month contract in my local secondary school in January. This school has just gone into special measures for the second time and behaviour is currently dreadful. However, the commute is incredibly short and I wouldn't mind staying there. I am the only drama teacher and could essentially shape the programme into what I want it to be. I've got a very supportive head of faculty who has already been praising the work I've been doing. I was just starting to make some plans for the drama department, coming up with some ideas to make it relevant again and make the kids proud to be a part of it when the deputy head casually mentioned over tea the staff room the other day that drama will be combined with English as of next year, essentially saying there will definitely be no job for me in September.

    I am not really in a position to relocate at the moment but do have a few big towns and a couple of cities within commutable distance so in theory location shouldn't be a problem.

    I am so disheartened by this I don't know what to do any more. All I've ever known is theatre and teaching. I really don't have anything else that I am good at or could see myself spending most of my time doing. Any advice, help or anything really would be so very much appreciated!

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