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Drama PGCE @ Manchester Met...who's had theirs/?

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by wannabedramateacher, Jan 18, 2012.

  1. Is there anyone else starting the Drama PGCE @ Manchester Metropolitan in September 2012?
  2. Hello! Im starting on the drama pgce at Man Met too! Yes I found out before Christmas which was a lovely suprise. Finally got an email through the other day with some information and a reading list too (yuck!) Im looking at student accomodation at the minute. But I think im a bit early! Fingers crossed we get a bursary! Im Amy by the way, be seeing you soon! xx
  3. Yeah I accepted the place and have had the reading list email which made me feel a lot better. Yeah Facebook is probably a better place to find people who are on the course
  4. Hi, Im starting in September aswell, I had my interview on the 23rd of November aswell, sounds like most us did very well that day!
  5. Hi, did you get a seperate email telling you we had to go in and register on thoses dates? I have been going off the dates on the MMU website which say we start on the 13th?
  6. Hi, i think I may be extremely thick because I cant seem to find the group you set up? I assume you meant on facebook?
    Any clues would be very much appreciated! x
  7. I can't find it either so there could be two thick people on the course!
  8. Yep! oh well! I was wondering if anyone was trying to sort out somewhere to live? Im looking for somewhere in didsbury. I might end up in halls of residence or lodging with someone. But I think it would be helpful to live with someone doing the same course as we will be understanding of each other. im 32, very friendly, a bit scatty, but ready to work hard! Anyone in the same boat?
  9. I emailed them again... I think they might already be getting sick of me! And they said the dates that are online are the official start dates and course is starting later than usual this year. So I'm going to stick with the 13th as my start date. Looking forward to starting in Septemeber!

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