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Drama PGCE application/interview guidance

Discussion in 'Drama and performing arts' started by annabellina, Sep 29, 2012.

  1. Hi - I can only speak about Goldsmiths where i am currently, but I have had two interviews for the Drama department (got in last year but had to withdraw at the last minute because of personal circumstances. They wouldn't defer my place so had to reapply for 12/13 and go through the whole process again, very irritating!). So, there is no pre-interview. Your application form, personal statement
    and especially your reference, is the key to getting an interview. They will only consider you if you can demonstrate real experience in a secondary environment as well as a good relevant degree. If you haven't got that yet I would recommend you volunteer in a secondary drama department for at least a few weeks. Get your application in as soon as possible, there are very few places (12 this year, but only 10 last) and interviews will be starting quite soon. The interview is very likely to take most of a day. It takes place in a secondary school and you will be in a group. It includes, warm up games, practical tasks, conceiving a scheme of work, writing a response to a piece of theatre and how you might use it with a class or exam group, observing a real class and then contributing, and observing another candidate as they interact with the class and providing feedback. You then have a bit of a one to one with the tutor which may include questions about your practice, behaviour management, hypothetical situations, use of ICT etc. Hope this helps and good luck. !
  2. Hello,
    I am also applying to Goldsmiths this year. I got my application in as early as possible but have yet to hear anything back. You mentioned there are 12 places on the course, are you aware if that is a confirmed number or could it fluctuate at all? Also would you happen to know what sort of numbers would be available for the following year (just curious if they are starting to increase now).
    The interview process sounds great, lots of opportunity to show what you have to offer rather than a quick one on one where the nerves could set in. Do you know when the interviews will be taking place or if they have already started?
    Thank you so much and sorry to bombard you with questions.

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