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drama consultancy

Discussion in 'Drama and performing arts' started by silverlillies, Jul 6, 2011.

  1. Where about is it that you are based? To be honest I think the squeeze is on right now and probably not much work for consultancy. You would be better off offering freelance services for OOHL, clubs and such if you have an interest in that kind of thing.
  2. This may not be the answer you want but as a head of performance areas I get inundated with emails of people offering consultancy services/workshops/training. I'm yet to take any of them up on their offers, purely because I have the contacts I need and would prefer to use a known and successful entity. I think it's a hard market and my honest opinion is that it wouldn't be very fruitful. I'm not in primary, but budgets are being squeezed to the final pennies everywhere, I don't think splurging on an external consultant is going to be an option over ensuring you have enough cash to cover production costs. Apologies if that sounds negative, i'm merely trying to answer your question honestly. Even a recent post for a teacher in one of my departments brought with it more applicants - all of a very high standard and from all corners of the country - than I have ever seen!
  3. I think probably JennyMus is right, although I hate to say it. I think if you are doing it alongside other work you might be able to make a go of it. Really sorry. A couple of years ago I think you'd have had a good market but the finances at the moment won't allow. I think primaries would be unlikely to use a drama specialist at the moment as they might choose to focus limited resources more on SATs or possibly foundation subjects. It's a shame as I think, in theory, it's a great idea. Best of luck though if you do decide to give it a go.
  4. DaisysLot

    DaisysLot Senior commenter

    What exactly would you offer that a good HoD could not undertake themselves?
  5. I am already a performing arts manager and have many courses offered however, this is not what I am talking about I want to advise other subjects in Drama across the curriculum. As someone who has also worked as a consultant for the LA I know that all of the money for training has been transfered to schools , so as for the post that suggested it may of worked a few years ago they have it wrong as they could have aquired my services absolutely free! I am interested in contributing to creative curriclums, implementing practical solutions. I think maybe I needed to rephrase my origional question. And as for the question about 'What I could do that a HOD couldn't', this is not what I want to do. I will point out that having worked advising in many Drama depatments they aren't all without fault and could probably do with some help. I also think maybe you lot have spent too much time dwindling in dark rooms and have become very negative . I wrongly thought you would all be a little more creative and positive. You have all helped be make my decision thank you I will be trying to make a difference
  6. This is what I thought you meant

    Can you give some examples of what you mean by this and how it will be advantageous to the school?

    I completely agree, it would naive to think otherwise. My point is that many already have advisors in place that they are happy with and that they have used for years. My concern for your position was that you may have to break the cycle of their regular visitors which would be difficult.

    I don't think an attack is necessary, or a sweeping generalisation is appropriate without any knowledge of the respondants. I spend a lot of my year up-skilling. This years CPD includes TV pilot work, national music festival organisation and working with casting agents in the West End - no dark room in sight. I am phenomenally passionate about my subject areas and adore my job. I was merely trying to honestly answer your question. I apologise if you have for some reason found it offensive, I was trying to be realistic rather than negative. You asked what we thought of the market and I gave you my opinion. As I said, i'm not in primary, the issue that I see with your proposition is that teachers and SMT are the masters of delivery; industry specialists are those that can bring a fresh approach. My personal preference for a guest/consultant is going to be one that has their finger on the pulse of the industry and I think this will be difficult to achieve if you are coming from a teaching background. I have the assistance I need within my establishment when it comes to delivery and movement in education. You will need to find some sort of niche product that cannot be offered by the educationalists or practioners as you will find it hard to a) sell their own business to them and b) to compete with them. I wish you the best of luck with your endeavour.
  7. How unnecessarily rude you post is, Georina!
    You asked for an opinion as to whether your idea would be viable. We responded, without being in any way offensive, that this might be a difficult time to start this sort of business. I'm not entirely sure why you're so cross?
    That would be me then? All I'm pointing out, as I'm sure you know, is that money in schools is particularly tight at the moment and my guess would be that schools might find it difficult to find money for advice on drama across the curriculum, however worthy that may be.
    It's nothing to do with whether we are creative and positive people. You have misunderstood. Read my post again. It is about the current financial situation in schools and the issue that you might have with making a living doing this sort of thing at the moment, whether it's a great idea or not wasn't in question. That level of rudeness towards people you don't know and whose opinion you have sought is just very strange to me.
  8. DaisysLot

    DaisysLot Senior commenter

    I think your patronising tone and implied insults are precisely why many would be resistant to the idea of any such consultantancy.
    As a head of drama I already advise and train in utilising drama as a teaching tool in other curriculum areas - I am sure many others do the same even if it doesn't come with the heading 'consider yourself undertaking consultation' and takes place in staffrooms, drop ins or discreet ways.
    We already have a cluster of schools that meet as drama specialists to enthuse and motivate each other and thrash out strategies for expanding drama across the curriculum. At the same time with the current climate, we are all too aware that if pressed for budget, the first things to be squeezed will be those not cited as national curriculum subjects, so no, I don't think your idea would be viable, but if you can make it happen and you find enough people willing to be patronised into believing you can make that difference then best of luck.
  9. Not sure your outburst here was completely necessary. It is probably important to remember that the arts are the first places that have to bear the cuts that come with our current financial problems. The idea of additional services for Drama across the curriculum is indeed worthy, but when the curriculum of Drama itself is, in many places, being downsized I cannot imagine why extra funding would be available for additional Drama. I think in a more buoyant financial climate you could probably develop this further. Schools are looking to save money at every turn at the moment, and I have learnt not to moan about what I am not going to get in the way of resources, as I am lucky to still have my job as watching hard working and dedicated colleagues being made redundant gives you the relevant perspective on how tight money really is.
  10. If I ever again got a spare penny of budget for consultancy I'd hire in the posters you've so unfairly maligned, Georgina. They gave you sound advice in moderately and helpfully expressed terms. To dismiss all those who've answered you with a cliche about darkened rooms shows an unfitness to represent/consult on our subject in any economic climate.
  11. Hello
    There are Drama AST's [Advanced Skills Teachers] that offer the same service.
  12. I agree with this.

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