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Dragon books

Discussion in 'Primary' started by sparkles28, Apr 15, 2007.

  1. Can anyone suggest any good Dragon books for KS1? Thank you!
  2. Can anyone suggest any good Dragon books for KS1? Thank you!
  3. firecracker

    firecracker New commenter

    I bought Cinder the Bubble Blowing Dragon by Jessica Anderson, last week from our local cheap book store, it's a big book and only cost £3 !!
    I'm also going to use Dragon Poems by John Foster and Herb the Vegetarian Dragon, can't remember who that's by as it's at school !
    back to school tomorrow so I can let you know.

  4. toty

    toty New commenter

  5. thank you!
  6. George and the Dragon by Christopher Wormell - children's picture book, will probably use this to plan a week of literacy for my Y1's in the summer term.
  7. thanks so much- still very useful list.
  8. dagnabit

    dagnabit New commenter

    The Great Dragon rescue, and the Snow Dragon went down well with my year 1s. We also made some egg box dragons which they enjoyed.
  9. My topic/theme in Year 1 is Dungeons and Dragons. The children love M P Robertson's books.
    I ended up having Year 2 in for part of the morning as well recently and their teacher had to sit through the end of The Sandcastle as the children wanted to know what happened!

  10. Guess what I found in Dragon Wood by Timothy Knapman

    The most gorgeous book! About a dragon who goes for a walk and finds a Benjamin, and he learns all about what Benjamin's do....

    It's lush! My Y2 class loved it!


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