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Dragging/pulling sensation in lower abdomen

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by bundalph, May 16, 2010.

  1. bundalph

    bundalph New commenter

    Just wondered if anyone has experieced or is experiencing an uncomfortable dragging sensation? I am 17 weeks and I have this feeling like a pulling in my lower abdomen, just in the middle and sometimes just a tiny bit left of the middle and sometimes in my groin. I get wee stabbing pains which I think might be round ligament pain, but the dragging feeling is disconcerting me more. I spoke to my midwife and she told me to stop worrying, but that is like telling a fish not to swim.
    As ever, I tried googling my symptoms and got all sorts of horrors as a result. There is always information out there to scare you but will I ever learn? I have no backache or bleeding or anything like that. Just hoping that a few others might recognise these symptoms and make me feel a bit less worried!
    Being pregnant has made me the biggest hypochondriac on the planet.
  2. Hi
    I have had feelings like this too so really do try not to worry. To be honest I have had varying pains all through my pregnancy so far (I am 21+4). Early on they were more like stabbing pains, then later they were like you describe and it felt like pulling/aching. Last week I got an intermitant pain in my right side so I popped in to see the midwife (I work in a Children's Centre and they are based in the office next to mine) and she said it was round ligament pain. And she said the best bit of advice she could give me was to STOP GOOGLING!!! She said that a lot of the American sites have info on which is highly inaccurate.
  3. bundalph

    bundalph New commenter

    Thanks Bruno71. My midwife also gave me the same advice and told me to red "Hello" instead. Thanks for the tip on inaccurate info.
  4. I had this yesterday and I'm 13+2. It was very disconcerting but I assume it was just the baby yanking on its cord or something. I don't know if they can even do that this early on but there must be a whole of host of reasons for all of the aches and pains considering what's going on inside us!
  5. I'm 26 weeks and have had all sorts of stomach pains throughout... Baby still OK though so think it is NORMAL.
    Stop googling- pain is a feature of pregnancy and I know every pain brings feelings of panic and alarm BUT each one is normal. There is a whole human growing inside there- so you should expect some pain with all that new activity going on. So, try and look at it as though something is happening!
  6. Hi,
    Im 22+6 and I have had the same feeling on and off for 2 months or so, my midwife said it's because my baby is lying really low so this puts pressure on my muscles hence the ligament pain.
    Hope this helps ;)
  7. sjw2007

    sjw2007 New commenter

    I think so long as they don't come and go at regular intervals and you can go to the toilet there is nothing to worry about. I phoned maternity triage when I was about 25 weeks with pains and was asked the above. She said to take some paracetemol and if the pain was still there in 4 hours with no movements to phone back.
  8. bundalph

    bundalph New commenter

    Thanks folks. I know that I should expect all sorts of tweaks and twinges. I had to see my GP today anyway about another matter so I ran it past her. She told me that it was probably normal pelvic instability. Mind you, not sure about a doctor who tried to prescribe me a steroid nasal spray! Steroids and pregnancy? Don't think so.
  9. DaisysLot

    DaisysLot Senior commenter

    30 weeks now... but I recall having such pulling and twinges back around weeks 12-18.... especially lower right abdomen.
  10. At my first midwife appointment I was given an NHS book called 'The Pregnancy Book' which has a section entitled 'medicines for minor ailments when pregnant'. It actually says that steroid nasal sprays are one of the recommended treatments for hayfever...
  11. bundalph

    bundalph New commenter

    Thanks for that ellesabe. That's good to know - especially when the pollen count goes up!

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