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dragging into the 21st century

Discussion in 'Science' started by mjaos1, Jan 26, 2012.

  1. Hi

    I have been trying to think of ways of getting the mod-cons of the 21st century into my lessons like twitter e.g. the kids post something new they have learnt in the lesson and it shows up on the board-but can not get my head around the the various issues and social media rules.

    Has anybody devised away to introduce these things into their lessons in a safe, secure and most of all productive way?

    Thanks for your time and appreciate the advice!
  2. blazer

    blazer Star commenter

    Try the ICT forum, the people who use this new fangled stuff will be in there. The kids in my classes actually love writing on the blackboard! It is a real novelty for them!
  3. Hi,
    I couldn't find any sign of a post in the ICT forum after a quick look, so I thought I'd reply here - I've been thinking of similar things. I have a Wi-Fi dongle with its own SIM card (and thus a separate number), that is not associated with any phone, but can receive text messages via its software if I plug it in to a computer.
    However, I'm a student teacher and I can't get past the 'what ifs' and mention it to any of my associates. What if the children send in obscene messages? Their names aren't attached to their numbers. What if one figures out another's number that they don't like, and spreads it or sends nasty stuff to them? Not to mention the phone policy at one of my placements would forbid them from so much as thinking about where their phone is during a lesson.
    Likewise twitter, if you could get round the whole phone-use-in-class thing, surely would have similar issues - let's be honest, even if you asked them to use a separate account, some won't be bothered and some will accidentally post while logged-in to their main account. And I imagine the network police will ban twitter in all schools (or almost all schools), so realistically that's out.
    I'm not too sure about what you can do with it, but one of my placement schools had Frog set up to be a bit like an internal facebook. Might be worth asking the IT guys if anything on their system could be done? Obviously not very mobile though.
    Sorry for the rambling, just sharing thoughts. I find schools so painfully backward when it comes to this stuff, considering how much computing power kids tend to have in their pockets. But with problems of different phone OSs, school phone policies, and possible behaviour/safeguarding issues... I'm just so frustrated I can't find anything for them to use it for constructively.
  4. blazer

    blazer Star commenter

    You say that as if it is a bad thing!

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