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Draft Schemes of Work now available

Discussion in 'Science' started by AQA_GCSE_Sciences, Jan 27, 2011.

  1. Edexcelscienceteam

    Edexcelscienceteam New commenter

  2. p1j39

    p1j39 New commenter

    While this is excellent news, I, and I'm sure the majority of science teachers, would have preferred to have a set of accredited specifications by now!

    I know this is not all the boards fault but if they got it right first time we might not be in this mess now!
  3. Is accriediation going to be any day now?
  4. Cornholio

    Cornholio New commenter

    How many drafts is that then? p1j39 is correct, it's not an ideal situation.
  5. But if the boards had done everything that Ofqual wanted in order to get accreditation first time around, we'd probably have ended up with complete rubbish in terms of content and so on...
  6. Mangleworzle

    Mangleworzle Star commenter

    I don't trust the exam boards any further than I can chuck them - they are an unfortunately necessary evil.
    The reason we've had the rubbish we have had for the last 5 years is that they played brinkmanship with accreditation so that what they submitted had to be accepted despite some major flaws or there would have been nothing ready in time.
    I wonder how much of the problem is to do with trying to get the 40% rule to include coursework that was done anytime during that academic year and not at the end of the course as anyone normal would interpret it. Writing new 40% exams at the end will no doubt be a big upset to what goes on = costs them money. It would though make life much easier for everyone else involved - pupils and teachers, though of course it's really ultimately all about selling textbooks and other materials isn't it?
  7. True... there was a definite timetable last time, so that everyone knew that come whatever the date was, the specs would basically go through warts and all.
    Don't think the 40% thing is causing any problems - other subjects have the same thing where the coursework can be done at any point but submitted at the end of the course. Think more of the problem is that the Ofqual criteria seem to point to a POAE type of Sc1 investigation, but they all want to keep their Case Studies, ISAs and all the rest. And they've got a bee in the bonnet over Maths skills, and the government White Paper and all...
    Some boards do have a 40% exam anyway don't they - and I bet that a bigger longer paper would have an economy of scale so be cheaper in the long run. Mind you, much better if the whole lot went linear and terminal really.
  8. MarkS

    MarkS New commenter

    I think AQA has a 40% exam in one of its assessment options - 2 exams at 35% and 40% each, plus the compulsory 25% CAU. However, I think these exams are mixed biology, chemistry and physics, so can't later be used for triple science.
    The whole thing has been a disaster, and I don't know why Gove & OFQUAL didn't just bite the bullet and say '100% terminal assessment' 6 months ago...
  9. alm721

    alm721 New commenter

    Been rejected again!
  10. I cant find anything yet to confirm this? It wouldnt suprise me however.
  11. mm38

    mm38 New commenter

    Is this all the exam boards that have been rejected? Wouldn't surprise me if they have done this deliberately so that terminal exams can be brought in. Hopefully that would mean that we can just teach the current specs next year which will save a whole lot of work this year!
    I just pity the poor schools who are trying to do 3 year GCSEs and have started teaching the new specs already.
  12. sci84

    sci84 New commenter

    Are you able to tell us where you foun this out please?
  13. alm721

    alm721 New commenter

    Hi, I was told this by my hod who is usually very on the ball with this stuff, I did ask him if he was sure as I thought I'd misunderstood but I can't find any info on it either, so apologies if I have started a panic unecessarily. I will ask him on Wed where he found this info and report back.

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