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Dr Faustus

Discussion in 'English' started by readingsez78, Feb 17, 2012.

  1. Hi,
    Anyone have any resouces or adivice on teaching Dr Fautus for A2. Thank you
  2. Hi,
    Anyone have any resouces or adivice on teaching Dr Fautus for A2. Thank you
  3. Hiya
    I run Scene Productions. We are a touring theatre company who specialize in creating shows which are tailor-made to suit the curriculum. We are coming to the end of our current tour of Metamorphosis and our new shows starting in September will be a brand new adaptation of Dr Faustus, alongside Fall of the House of Usher. We can be booked to come into schools but will also be touring theatres. The show will come with a resource pack on devising and will explain how we put the show together and how the style links into the theories of Brecht, Berkoff and Artaud. If you are interested you could bring a school group along to see the show or book it to come to the school. It also comes with optional workshops, looking at physical theatre, characters, themes etc. I hope this is helpful. If you would like to see our current show Metamorphosis to get a taster of the style we will be at The Courtyard in London from 20th-24th March and Tara Arts in London this Thurs. Please see our website www.sceneproductions.co.uk for tour dates, reviews and venue info.
    I hope that is of help
    Best wishes
    Katharine Hurst
    Scene Productions
  4. Hi.
    There's good stuff on the OCR website, including comparing Dr F with Chaucer.
    Good even if you're not OCR or doing the comparison exam.
  5. Thanks for that I'll have a look.
  6. Do you have a link for the OCR page? I can't find the information you mentioned.

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