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Downloading a listening paper (OCR)

Discussion in 'Music' started by ResourceFinder, May 8, 2011.

  1. thanks

    we spent some time listening to general pieces and commenting on the different aspects so she is
    practising the terminology [​IMG]
    I guess the issue is copyright ... but if the downloadable papers just named the piece we would pay for the tracks [​IMG]
    thanks anyway
  2. Wow ... £16 for the book, more for the answers, and then £36 for the tracks

  3. Exactly. That's why I suggested listening to the 30 second free previews! Rhinegold used to sell the CD separately to the book but it was nowhere near as expensive as that.
  4. Yes, thanks, at least it does give a track listing so we will know what the questions are about

    Thanks again
  5. Red wine fan

    Red wine fan New commenter

    There is only one Specimen paper because it's a new course, so as others have said, you need to go to one of the guides like Rhinegold to get other examples. I have suggested that mine used GCSE Bitesize and also listen for a few minutes to Classic FM or Radio 3 trying to work out the instrumentation, type of work, tonality and texture of the pieces they hear.
  6. This is the sort of thing she has been doing

  7. We had not thought of bitesize ... she says it looks really good ... Thanks

    That might be my fault as I do not think bitesize is great for maths so may have put her off

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