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Down and Out :(

Discussion in 'Primary' started by happyjenny, Mar 15, 2011.

  1. Anyone got any suggestions on how to pick yourself up after numerous interviews and applications but still not that ever desired job (",)
    Its starting to get to the point of no return. I seem to get plenty of supply work and keep being asked back which is promising but gets hard when you have to leave the places your supplying at .
    Any suggestions or ideas for letters of application key points would be much appreciated! Need something to keep me going [​IMG]
  2. mich21761

    mich21761 New commenter

    Try not to be too despondant, sometimes I seriously consider going back to supply. No late night planning, marking, assessment and tracking and admin tasks. Having some quality time with my family seems like a lifetime away. If you can afford to do supply stick at it.

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