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Double lessons

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by blues_maths, Sep 18, 2019.

  1. blues_maths

    blues_maths New commenter

    Hi, this year we have started doing double year 11 lessons (two hours) Just wondering if anyone else has these at their school, and more importantly, has anyone got any good suggestions for filling the time effectively as I am struggling getting to grips with them at the moment. Thanks in advance
  2. bramblesarah

    bramblesarah Occasional commenter

    I have taught at schools and colleges where the normal was three hours. As with any lesson keeping the pace up and change activities often. I still do supply at one of the colleges. The easiest thing to do until you get used to the timings is plan and teach two lessons 1 hour each. For example one number topic (which I imagine in year 11 is exclusively recap) then the second hour do an algebra topic.
    Honestly I find that it takes longer to settle everyone and each activity ends up taking longer and the learners don't have a sense of urgency.
    I have never done this but you could even split the lesson in three recap, mixed exam practice and new content.
    Keeping the students concentration is hard so I do let learners have breaks but I don't think most schools would allow that
  3. jordanredstone6

    jordanredstone6 New commenter

    I often use double lessons and find that they offer a greater chance to extend students through hands on activities and project based learning. I also agree with bramblesarh and will sometimes split the session into two lessons with different learning intentions.

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