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Double buggy for toddler and newborn

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by sparklefan, Oct 23, 2011.

  1. Am just canvasing opinion really, was wondering what double buggy people would buy or have bought for a toddle and a newborn. Not sure if I prefer side by side or tandum. Just don't want it to be too heavy really.
    Thanks for your help
  2. I am wondering exactly the same thing! My Lo is 14 months and I'm expecting LO2. I had initially thought of coping with a sling and the single buggy for a while but as I;m due in winter I figured I'd never leave the house through fear of going for a slide!

    I think I'm leaning towards side by side. I am furiously scouring the nearly new bit on netmums and looking on gumtree. I'd like quite a sturdy one.
  3. hazeymazey

    hazeymazey New commenter

    if you do get one and do go side by side bear in mind the weight difference when trying to push it. Can cause all kinds of pains when pushing.
  4. emmac1982

    emmac1982 New commenter

    I am expecting number two and spent hours researching double buggies. We have settled for baby jogger city select (find it on google) - it is fantastic and so lightweight. i didn't like the thought of a side by side. We can use the city select as a single when my mum is here and we can take pram and city select out, or when I'm on my own I'll have no trouble in manoevering the city select on my own.
    Would highly recommend it.
  5. jafitife

    jafitife New commenter

    I'm the same, have a one-year old and due another next year, been looking around and think we'll go for the Out 'n' About Nipper double pushchair, its had decent reviews, is all-terrain, lightweight and reasonably priced. We're going for a side-by-side as with the stacked ones I feel as though my toddler wouldn't get to see much of the surrounding environment. Only thing I'm gonna miss though is that my other pram is a mamas and papas travel system and I could just clip the car seat onto the chassis, this was great especially for short trips and saved waking baby up.
  6. tartetatin

    tartetatin New commenter

    I've never heard a negative word said about this pushchair. In fact, people generally rave about it.
    There's also the Phil & Teds, but it's a real 'Marmite' pram in that you either love or hate it. I loved it but my sister hated it!
  7. I have a newborn and two year old. I bought a graco double as you can put the car seat facing you on the pram and toddler can face forward in front seat. when newborn is older they can both sit in it. i got if off ebay for ten quid! chuffed.
  8. I have a Phil and Teds Explorer, whilst it is a very sturdy and easy to handle it is <u>very</u> heavy to pick up and put in your car boot. It is also not the easiest pram to fold up and put back up - if i could do things again i would probably buy a city jogger duo as i have a single one and it is fab.
  9. Chica77

    Chica77 New commenter

    I had the icandy apple for my son so just converted it to a pear when my daughter was born 22 months later.
    It's quite heavy, but it's really good, and when my son goes to nursery one day a week I just take one seat off and put my daughter in the front one.
    My son hardly ever sits in his seat, but we do walk a lot and get the train so if we're out for a whole day he does sometimes want to rest.
    When he no longer uses the seat at all in a few months I can just convert it back to the apple.
    My friend bought the peach blossom and it's much nicer, really lightweight and easy to push. If I could've afforded one that's what i'd have gone for.
  10. We have the Baby Jogger City Select too and love it. We originally bought it because it was so compatible in coping with a 2nd child, hoping to have another soon. LO is 1yr old next week and I'm currently 11wks pregnant so, fingers crossed, we may get to use it for exactly that.
    It's brilliant; so easy to open up and manaoeuvres so so well too.
    Anyway, that's my opinion. Hope you find one that suits your needs
  11. Hi.

    I'd very much recommend the Nipper 360 we've had one now for just over a year and can't really fault it. As I understand it, Out'n'About have recently released an updated version of it which has solved a few of the gripes that people did have when we bought ours (seat too reclined ect.).

    At the end of the day, you need to go with the one that ticks all the right boxes, but If like us you want to get the kids off the beaten track, it certainly is capable of taking a beating and I'm not sure that you'll do much better for the price.
  12. I cant believe I spent this much money on something as ridiculously ostentatious and designer yummy mummy, but I absolutely love my bugaboo donkey. It is genius. (apart from the name!)


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