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Dont know whether to apply or not this yr! Need advice,

Discussion in 'Scotland - prospective teachers' started by mrsg26, Nov 22, 2011.

  1. I am currently in my honours year of a Sociology and Social Policy degree, I have always wanted to teach however with a young daughter to look after I only started gaining experience in schools six weeks ago. Now its come to the PGDE application and personal statement I dont feel I have a great deal of experience therefore I am thinking that I shouldnt apply for next years intake. Can anyone offer any advice? Is it better to apply anyway and see the outcome? Im worrying if I get rejected that it will put me off applying the following year. Dont know what to do and conscious the deadline is very soon.
  2. Hi mrsg26
    I think if I was in your position I'd hang off and apply next year. It is better to build up as much experience as possible to make your personal statement stronger. I am in my second year of applying and feel more confident this year in terms of my experience. I applied to Edinburgh last year and was rejected as my maths result was pending - Edinburgh decided that anyone with pending grades was automatically given a no as a way of cutting down on applications (I think they had around 650 for 65 places)!! What uni are you applying to? x
  3. Thanks for the advice. Im hoping to apply to Strathclyde (1st choice) and Glasgow and also applying to UWS as theirs is a separate application.I didnt apply last year as I was in the middle of my degree however a lot of my friends did and they got rejected I take it because their results were pending. I have all the qualification requirements its just the experience thats letting me down a little. I have worked in a high street branch for 10 years, for part of it in a management capacity however I am finding it hard to relate that to the personal statement. The school that I volunteer in has got me doing paired reading group with one on one time and I've just started assisting a child who has autism, then I get involved in their maths in afternoon. I will be doing this for the remainder of the year so If I was successful in getting an interview then I would have more experience by then its just im worrying that there is just not enough for the application. Its so hard. I have wanted to do this for so long but now its crunch time I dont think im ready :(
  4. Hey!! My advice is go for it! Its all experience at the end of the day, if you dont get in you will have a good idea of how the process works and it may improve your confidence for next time round, ensure you get feedback on any interviews. This is my 3rd year applying (sob) and i have felt more confident with each interview. Dont worry about the experience side of things, as what was said in previous comments you can draw on any life experiences and relate it to the classroom, I have known of people getting onto the PGDE with very little experience.
    Good luck!! x

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