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Don't do it Sally

Discussion in 'Further Education' started by shirtandtie, May 1, 2012.

  1. Don't call out your members on 10th May with the PCS.
    It will have no affect, it wont even be reported in the news (UCU membership is insignificant compared to the PCS, the news focus will be the affect on the Civil Service), and it wont "encourage other unions to support future action" (like that's our job anyway).

    It will punish students, employers and members for no advantage gained.
    Have the 'vanguard' politics of the SWP gained control of the UCU NEC after all?
    If so I'm off.
    Sally, I though you were better than this.
  2. Now that is weird - have just read latest missive from our Sal and was incandescent as, even if we were predisposed to strike action, to be expected to do something just as we are getting our students to their final exams (with all that that entails) is just totally unprofessional.
    I think the Union, along with almost everyone else in FE whose head rises just above the parapet of lecturer/other ground level person, has completely forgotten why we are there in the first place.
    Tell you what, I hereby extend an invitation to Sally and anyone else who spouts rhetoric from a lofty position to come and spend a day with me and the team to see what it is all really about - perhaps then we might just regain some sanity and common sense!!!!!
  3. I always had you down as a bright chap. The SWP has been in control for bloody years!
  4. Given the fact the unilateral assault on education, budgets, conditions, legislation and pay was mooted last year as the biggest assault on the industry in a generation, I fail to see why continued industrial action should not be supported. This was agreed and ratified by members in the latest overwhelming ballot result.
    In FE the effects on students are minimal given that all syllabus' material have been delivered (in A-Level subjects anyway). The NUT are not striking as they believe it is too close to exams. I for one would much rather we adopted a "work to rule" approach, as this would actually affect the people that need to start listening and fighting out corner for once.
    We should remember why we are here though... we are educators not babysitters. If our ability to fulfill our jobroles are being compromised and our pay and conditions are being disproportionately eroded for no justifiable reason, industrial action is a necessity... especially given we are effectively in an industry with a sole employer. THE MAN.
  5. You may feel this way; and I respect it.
    Not it wasn't. That was a vote to take strike action in support of a campaign against changes in the TPS.
    There about half a million teachers in TPS but only the 40,000 UCU members in TPS have been asked to strike on the 10th.
    If this was a strike against cuts in general why have not the other 80,000 UCU members not been called out on strike?
  6. They were, and they refused, due to being "too close to exams".
    We have MUGS stamped across our foreheads.
    I attended a rally and there were representatives from both the NUT and NASUWT there to give their well-wishes and support, and reassuring that industrial action on behalf of ALL teaching unions will resume very shortly.
    It appears that UCU and PCS have a very cosy relationship. However, the ballot is democracy in action. Ironic that the very people that voted for action refused to chime in and support their colleagues.
    Way to go.

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