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Done in NQT!

Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by Little_Miss_Web_Princess, Jan 23, 2012.

  1. Just need a moan!
    I'm a secondary NQT in a school in special measures. I'm absolutely exhausted! We have another monitoring visit and I've spent nearly all weekend preparing lesson plans! Today has just been really hard in school, kids are grouchy and I'm up to my eye balls in marking.
    Department is in a bit of a state, of the 4 year 11 classes I teach, I have looked over their y10 coursework and it all needs a great amount of improvement if they have any chance of passing the course. I do feel for the kids as it's not their fault they have had supply teachers for the past two years, but I'm trying my best to pick up the pieces, this is causing me to be constantly marking their work, which means I'm neglecting my other years work. It is just sole destroying that I'm spending all of my spare time to provide feedback and then the kids spend most of the lesson being silly and not working hard to complete the targets I've set them, they have no sense of urgency to get the work done, despite me explaining that if they do not make the improvements to the coursework 2 years worth of work will go to waste as they will fail! They are so used to my subject being a doss lesson as it has been taught by supply staff for the past two years!
    I'm exhausted and no one really seems to be noticing the amount of effort I'm putting in to try and get Y11 some decent results, last year results were well below 50%.
    Really fed up and just needed a moan! Any helpful suggestions I would love to hear!

  2. I suspect that all your colleagues will be feeling the stress andthat will account for why you appear to be doing things that go unnoticed. In your circumstances the LA should be in contact to ensure that you are getting the right level of support and if necessary, they should arrange for extra support. Try and seek out the LA NQT adviser and ask for some help.
  3. With regards to the marking (both the amount of time you spend on it, and the fact that the kids don't really seem to be paying much attention to it) ... why not take a more AfL influenced approach?
    Mark together in class. Give them some models to follow and have them self/peer mark. Get them more involved in it, and you'll probably find that it not only makes your life easier but more effective too. It sounds as though they have been allowed to go through the course quite passively up unitl you took over, and that's a difficult habit to break - the only way you will do so is by making everything appear totally different to them so they don't have a comfort zone to drift back in to.
    Good luck!

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