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Donating a day's salary to the strike fund!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by aa88, Nov 26, 2011.

  1. I had a letter from NASUWT today. At great length they told me that as a supply teacher I could not take part in the ballot and strike - which I already knew. But the letter ended with this - 'If you do wish to support the NASUWT's action by other means, you may wish to consider donating a day's salary to the Union's strike fund.' I am seriously considering sending them a cheque written out for nought pounds and nought pence, signed A Supply Teacher, explaining that this was my last day's salary. How many full-time contract teachers would donate a day's salary to support a strike that benefited supply teachers?
  2. Ha!!! Unbelievable! Maybe a cheque with a negative amount on it, due to paying out of your own pocket for CRBs every 3 months.
  3. Mrs-Pip

    Mrs-Pip New commenter

    The cheek of it!!! I was booked for a whole weeks work next week... as the school is closing on strike day... I loose a days pay. I wonder if the strike fund would like to contribute to my pay loss?
  4. You can apply to the union if you are in financial difficulty and need a few quid to get by because of the strike.
  5. I hit the roof when I got that letter yesterday. The utter utter cheek of it - all the strike fund's going to be used for is the full-timers to complain they're a couple of hundred quid down at Christmas... well, try having had £200 earnings for this academic year and to be existing on a lucky tax rebate - but here, let me pay your Christmas shopping out of the "salary" (yes, they used that word in a letter to supply teachers) that I don't flipping well earn.
    I was absolutely livid - still am now.
  6. Boba Fett

    Boba Fett New commenter

    Please give me the address so I can tell them what I think
  7. Let's all do as aa88 suggested - send a cheque for £0 for the strike fund but to all the unions. What would all the unions think if they received a few thousand such cheques.
    But I know that this would never happen since the majority of supply teachers are so apathetic - witness the response to the epetition.
  8. Ha Ha now that has made my day! I thnk to support my teaching colleagues I really should donate my benefits, and buy them a Chistmas Hamper.
    Now I know it is not a lot, however considering the finanacial stress they must be under if they lose a days pay. I shudder to think of the hardships they are under at present.
    In fact I don't think just one cheque is really pulling ones supply teacher weight.
    I am off to the bank to arrange a standing order tommorow so I can make regular payments to this disadvantaged group of educational colleagues.
  9. Glad I left the NASUWT in 08, I would have had a 'ragin fury', if I would have received such a letter!
    However the utter brass neck of it made me giggle. I really can't beleive it
    Beyond the Pale of adding insult to injury to the depleting Jobseekers supply force!
  10. This has to be a sick April Fool's joke!
    A day's salary! Who do they think I am - Rockerfella!
    I have no day's salary to donate!!!
    But this has made my day - better than a Marx Brother's film (not quite, but close!).

    Maybe I should send them my dole check - all £67.50 pence of it as a gesture of goodwill!

  11. I wish I got that much dole, Coz of doing the odd day earlier in the year, Benefit recovery take a tenner a week off me, so I am making do and mend on £55.
    I had a few days last week, So I can't see an end to benefit recovery.
    BR tax rate - student loan - NI contribution - benefit recovery - probably, some agency will be on my back for a new CRB next week, and now I feel i have to pay the NASUWT teacher benevelont fund.
    However I can feel I have done my duty to support my stricken teaching colleagues. I shall be cooking my beetroot soup this afternoon, smugly knowing I will be doing my bit by finding the extra cash to support the teachers.
    Rightly so, as they and their unions bent over backwards for us.
  12. Boba Fett

    Boba Fett New commenter

    More like beaten down
    over the tears in to despondency . . . that’s how they like us a
    quiet whipping boy.

  13. Get to work on Wednesday. Get abused by colleagues at the picket line for not supporting them on your way in. Hand over your hard earned cash on your way out. I think the NASWUT are a disgrace (and they charge you £165/year for it). And am I the only one shocked that supply teachers are denied the right to strike in a so called democratic country?
  14. lrw22

    lrw22 Established commenter

    I generally feel quite supportive of the NASUWT as my local secretary is fantastic and has helped me enormously. However they're having a laugh with this one. A day's salary...........what salary would that be?!!
  15. magic surf bus

    magic surf bus Star commenter

    I was balloted by NASUWT, and I'm making myself unavailable for work on Wednesday, but that letter is an absolute bloody disgrace, and makes me ashamed to be a member. Whoever dreamed that one up should be made to spend an hour of their time in a roomful of Supply Teachers.
  16. I am not in the NASUWT however I will be unavailable on Wednedsay for fear of any union snitches.
    If you put the union dude in a roomful of supply teachers, he/she would be safe as houses. We would all be to scared of havin sumfink on our pretty and expensive CRB's.
    Seen and heard the union rep in a school last week. Complete with union badge (worn specially for the occasion in case some teacher is thinking about going gangster on the strike). Anyone would think his human rights were being infringed.
    The teachers are havin their hair ruffled a bit on the old pensions things. As for the rest of the public sector, the CRB jobsworths, all the benefit centre call centres who create more work and stress, for compliant supply teachers like me. I could not give a jot about public service pensions for public sector jobsworths.

  17. You have to be smoking crack to back these clowns.

    They have a nice job, they have security and a good wage and they have the f*&^king nerve to demand that the rest of us without the above pay more so they can retire in clover. They must think we are *** mad. As supply teachers, you know exactly what it is like not to know where your next dinner is coming from, or how the hell you are going to starve so that you can have enough fuel to get to work, assuming the phone rings.

    I used to have a proper teaching job and it was a f&^kload easier than what I do now, but that option dried up, so I had no choice, as going on the dole (take) is not a choice. A pension is a luxury beyond which I can contemplate and I had to cash mine in and opt out as I was so skint filling in bloody application forms trying to get on the goddamn gravy train with the rest of the hoardes.

    I am most certainly in touch with my anger and I am exceedingly disgruntled by these easily led pigs who have no idea about the world outside of their school job. I figure that at best these people are ignorant and at worst, are socialist fools with their heads up their own ar$es. The union figures are not fighting for YOU, they couldn't give a *** ****. You moaned about cover supervisors taking your jobs and a lack of jobs and what did they do? Ans:- not listen.

    The bottom line is that the marketplace for teachers has changed. There are a lot more of us and a lot more of us are willing to do it for less. Let's face it, we'd all like a big salary, big holidays, a nice porsche and to go home at 3:05, but it isn't practical. I tell you what, rewind 3 years and I would have put my hand up and done it for £18k and no pension. I bet a lot of you would have done also. Let's cut the ****, £18k and a stable job is a lot better than not knowing where your next day's work is coming from and being treated like a total *** by some agency tapeworm-in-a-tapeworm scum.

    It is sadly time to ditch the socialist nonsense and get with the times. This **** is not sustainable and you lot above all, as teachers should have a bloody clue how it works and understand the solution. It isn't very marx, or lib dem, but neither is life.

    Get in the classrooms and give the kids the education these ****** are denying their customers
  18. My partner is a full time teacher and on Wednesday she is going into work and has let it be known that she will not support any union action while they regard supply teachers as second class members of the union and ignore the plight they are in.
    As for me if an agency calls me and offers me work I will go in and cross any picket line there may or may not be, (probably not, they will all be home watching daytime TV).
    I wonder how many CSs who are members of the unions will be going on strike????
    I feel like going out at 2am and putting signs up on the lamp posts on the roads to my local towns saying do you realise that schools in this authority use unqualified staff to teach your children.
  19. historygrump

    historygrump Lead commenter Forum guide

    No, that idea would not work, posible leaflets through letter boxes, Yes.
    But the NASUWT and I think I know what the 'W' stands for! are not in the real world, donate a days pay, like many others, that would now't. Do the unions not realise that we are being foced out of education due to the serious lack of work. I agree we should email our 'polite' responses to the NASUWT on their absurd suggestion.
  20. Absolute joke. Salary... what salary, when I do get work, the pittance they occasionally throw at me covers nothing.

    I am so very tempted to give them a ring and cancel my membership after that disgusting letter. It proves what I have thought for a long time. We are second class, we pay our dues, and get spat on.

    Equally as supply not getting work on Wednesday is worth us losing a lot more than those on a contract, due to the way pay will be deducted from them. 1/365th of their pay point compared to well supposedly 1/195 but we all know we are lucky if we get paid any where near to scale.

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