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don t become an intern teacher for amity institute in the united states!

Discussion in 'Teaching assistants' started by pedrolpz38, Jul 28, 2011.

  1. dear all,
    amity institute won t allow me to publish my feedback so here it is: it is modern slavery. never accept it. don t even think about going even if you are desperate because your despair is the reason of their existence. they send you in the middle of nowhere -usually in the mid west-, make you work almost 40 hours a week for 160 dollars per month, ask you to leave in a host family where you have to participate in the housework -clean the dishes, baby sit the kids. you cannot invite anyone, cannot travel around the us because you have no money. last but not least, if you don t behave like a good slave, they will tell you that they can cancel your visa, get you into trouble and send you back to your country . they will treat you like a kid and scare as much as they can so you keep on working. last but not least, you will spend more money than you earn since you have to pay for your flights and insurance.
    some interns end up having a good time only because they meet great people at school or in their host family. but it is not thanks to amity.

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