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Doing the CAPES Anglais in 2012 + change in requirements

Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by mglinfrance, Oct 19, 2010.

  1. I've been looking through old posts on taking the CAPES in France and wondered if anyone on here can help me......
    I've been living in France since 2007 and teaching English in a business lang school near Paris. I have a degree of Master of Arts in French from Edinburgh Uni (4 yr course inc 3rd yr abroad) and a PGCE. I've taught French (+ bit of Spanish) for 9 years in UK secondary schools inc a 4 year stint in HK in an international school.
    Am now thinking of doing the CAPES - govt changed the requirements for admission and has 'master-ised' this concours - you now need Bac+5 or Masters. So, I'm thinking my Scottish MA won't pass mustard as it was a 4 yr course, and I doubt the powers that be would accept my PGCE as a 5th year of study. Have been trying to get hold of someone at the Rectorat/Ministère de l'Education Nationale to shed some light but to no avail. Grrrr.
    Does anyone have a friend/relative/contact who is doing the CAPES this year (2011) that I could contact re all these changes? I know anglophone people here who have done it but it was a few years ago so not up-to-date.
    Merci d'avance! My email is ndl1@hotmail.fr

  2. landaise

    landaise Occasional commenter

    I'd advise you to contact a University : go there in person, find the English dept and ask the people at the admissions dept. They will know the precise requirements but I honestly think you don't stand much chance. Your degree may say MA but an English one of the same duration would say BA so it's not the equivalent of a Mastère (BAC +5) .
    The French moved to this system to make sure that new teachers had a higher level of study and to eliminate the old DEUG which equated to nothing elsewhere.
    I've been frustrated by the system here for years and I would not sit the CAPES as I'm already a qualified teacher : they wouldn't ask a doctor or nurse to resit their qualifications so why ask it of teachers ? Especially since a CAPES ( newly passed and with ZERO teaching practice ) is considered as an acceptable diploma to award QTS within the UK ! Ridiculous!
    Good luck, but I sincerely think you'll need it.
  3. Thanks landaise. Well - I've already sent an email to Engl dept at a uni in Paris but I think I'd better go in person (eek - baby in tow!) with my qualifications and ask them in person.
  4. landaise

    landaise Occasional commenter

    Always best to go in person, they will probably take at least a month to answer your e-mail, if they even bother. You could try phoning, BTW !
    PS I'd avoid Nanterre at the moment !
  5. Hi mglinfrance
    Did you have any luck getting information on whether you'd be eligible to do the CAPES? I'm thinking of doing it next year too, like you I've done a four year degree (but in England) and a PGCE. I'd be interested to know what they had to say!
    Thanks in advance!
  6. yasf

    yasf Established commenter

    In Turkey they are thinking of sending / encouraging their english teachers to do a CELTA course in addition to the usual qualifications.

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