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doing supply work and getting tax credits for childcare

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by pancake99, Apr 9, 2012.

  1. pancake99

    pancake99 New commenter

    Any mums out there that do this? Im looking to make myself available one or two days and know theres every chance i might not work one or both days but if i averaged it out and worked out the wages for a few days a month, can i put down the costs of cc as a weekly occurance? I know they don't consider just being available for work is the same as working but at least if i earnt something for the tax yr, would they ever know as they do ask for an average earning anyway and you are allowed to go over or under and then they make their adjustments
  2. I suggest you contact your supply agency or local authority (if you work directly for them) and ask which scheme they use for salary sacrifice and find out directly from them if it's possible. Good luck.
  3. pancake99

    pancake99 New commenter

    thanks, anyone else?

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