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Doggy welfare question.......

Discussion in 'Personal' started by anon4561, Feb 16, 2011.

  1. I'll be leaving in a couple of days for three nights away. (It's my FIL's funeral...not a holiday) Have booked my 'wee scabby dug' (affectionate nick-name for those of you who don't know us) into kennels...but I know he will feel totally abandoned. He was abused and abandoned by previous owner. In kennels he will have to sleep outside in a cage, and will probably whimper all night as not used to it. Friend has since said that if I leave him at home, she will pop round on Saturday after I leave in the morning, feed him and let him play with her dog for a while...... she can do the same on Sunday for an hour, pop in a couple of times on Monday (and can lock her dog and my dug in the pool area to play all day) and Tuesday...I'll be back Tuesday evening..... is it kinder to leave him here in his own environment, although he will be very lonely, and let him at least have the comfort of his own home, bed and toys....? And his playmate round to visit? Or safer to put him in kennels? I can't stand the thought of leaving him, but what would be best for the dug?
  2. Oooo, that's a tricky question.
    I wouldn't leave my dog overnight, unless someone stays over. It also needs exercised etc, which they would do at the kennels. And, at the kennels he'll have regular company- at home on his own, he'll be alone.

    I think you need to put him in kennels - he'll be fine. Leaving him at home would be an (unintentional) form of neglect.
    Can you not give him his own bed for the kennels?
  3. I agree with coffeekid Annie. It is only for a few days and the kennel will keep an eye on him and exercise him. Just tell them about his previous history. Better that wee scab feels abandoned in kennels than in his home.
    Don't fret dearie, he will be fine. Take his bed/blanket/toys and he will at least have a comforting smell.
    Killer cat says she would like to go to kennels please, the food would undoubtedly be better!
  4. Thanks coffeekid. Both options feel like neglect! He'll hate both. I'm just trying to see it from his perspective....here he will be lonely (and neglected) but have his best doggy friend to come round to visit.....and at least be in a familiar environment.....but in kennels..he'll feel neglected too......it's an alien environment, he'll be outside all night (we're in Oz..so he won't be cold) and he's never slept outside before.......
  5. He'll be fine in kennels.
    If it was me, I would be worrying about things that could happen while he was home alone.
  6. Thanks again. Cosmos.....I know I'm being stupid about this..... but I've been agonizing about this all day. Kennels IS probably best then. I just wasn't sure. Anyway, he'll probably be busy for a few days plotting his revenge on Killer Cat... x
  7. Thanks again coffeekid....guess it's the kennels then.....:(
  8. PlymouthMaid

    PlymouthMaid Occasional commenter

    I would find that a tough decision too Annie as my little doglet has never been kennelled. However, as Coffekid said, i would worry myself senseless about what might be happening to him if i left him at home even without the kind interventions of your friend. Rather know that somebody was looking out for him even if he was sad and lonley.
  9. Doglover

    Doglover Occasional commenter

    Annie, I would hate the kennels option too, and we are lucky to have my mum and dad to look after Honey. But I think the kennels is probably the best option.
    Take his familiar things with him - bed, blankets, toys etc and make him as comfortable there as he can be.
    It will pass quickly and he won't be as aware of the time passing as you are.
    You can give him lots of hugs and cuddles when you come back. If he has to go to kennels after that, he will know you come back for him ;)
  10. Unless you can find a company locally that do the boarding in someone's house dealie that you can get in some areas.
    When we go away we have someone who comes in to check on the cat because she doesn't transport at all well in the car (can get to about the end of the street before she's pooed, peed and thrown up simultaneously - meaning you get a smelly mucky ball of feline wrath at your destination that then has to be a smelly, mucky, bathed ball of wet hissing feline wrath) but the dog just has to go to kennels - I wouldn't trust him left alone for that length of time and I think he'd cope mentally very badly with being left alone for that long and the boredom/loneliness thing. While the cat enjoys the peace and quiet - the dog's a much more socially needy creature.
  11. I was really upset the first time I had to put my dogs in kennels, but I needn't have worried (they are both rescue greyhounds and I was so worried they thought I was abandoning them) .... They soon settled into the routine and were still their happy, crazy selves when we got back! They were also were all tail waggy when we took them the next time. The first time it spoiled my holiday worrying about them..... but not since!
  12. bombaysapphire

    bombaysapphire Star commenter

    My two rescue dogs are fine in kennels too. One had spent over a year in the dogs home so I was very worried about him and the wail that he gave when we left him for the first time didn't help!
    They were fine when we collected them. If it is a good kennels they treat them well. Ours get two walks a day and a treat after each. They love the people and always greet them with enthusiasm when we drop them off.
    I would not leave our dogs for an extended period unattended in the house. I would worry about that more than the kennels.
  13. If you do opt for kennels (best bet in my mind, as you'd feel awful if they took ill or something when they were alone) why not leave an old teeshirt that you've slept in, so it really smells of you, with the dog? They might be reassured by your smell.
  14. Another option could be what we call over here dog's holidays (a place where they stay overnight but in a house) costs more but dog in a home environment. Not sure if they have them in Oz though not sure why they wouldn't. My dog goes to doggie daycare everyday & sometimes stays overnight if we're away & he loves it. T xxx
  15. Thanks everyone....am taking your advice and have confirmed his booking. They're aware of his previous history, and I've been assured that he will be given lots of TLC...... I'll take his blanket, toys and a smelly t-shirt.... Thanks again...x

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