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Dog Barking AGAIN! Have managed to cause a cafuffle...

Discussion in 'Personal' started by anon2113, Jul 20, 2012.

  1. you are very forthright and assertive on here...so yes.
  2. fantastischfish

    fantastischfish Established commenter

    Oooooohhhhh, not so in real life I'm afraid Bauble. I'm a ditherer and scared of confrontation! A wimp, you might say.
  3. harsh-but-fair

    harsh-but-fair Star commenter

    Car damage?
  4. fantastischfish

    fantastischfish Established commenter

    No, to the garden. She rambled something briefly about them digging up her garden. To be fair, her lawn is patchy and I suspect that's caused by cat wee. I'd be happy to pay for some soil and some seeds to patch it up. I'd even pay for some of those plants that cats are supposed to hate the smell of.
  5. Personally, no. I would not put anything in writing at this stage. What I would do, however, is phone the anonymous housing benefit and tax office numbers and tell them what you have told us. Say that while you have no proof you are suspicious considering the many different dogs coming and going and the lies she is telling about the dog-sitting. Then be perfectly polite when you see her next, don't get into a discussion and if you are disturbed by hours of barking when she goes out, phone the RSPCA. If she is looking after other people's dogs, she should not be going out and leaving them on their own for hours on end. That's what I would do, but others may disagree.
  6. As regards the patchy lawn, it is far more likely to be caused by her various dogs than the cats.
  7. fantastischfish

    fantastischfish Established commenter

    A good point. It IS her front lawn though and regardless of anything else she does, she doesn't tend to let the dogs roam out the front. However, I have never once seen my cats wee on her lawn - the *** tend to come inside and use the litter tray then go back out! And there ARE other cats that roam about at night in the area, including two Toms that keep chasing my grils around...frisky!
  8. I wouldn't offer her any money at all as that could be seen as admitting your cat did damage in her garden, which is not certain,
    In the interests of keeping the peace you could perhaps write a short note saying you were sorry she was upset and your only concern is the dogs' welfare and attach it to a small box of chocs.
    It probably won't work but you will have tried,
    After that, follow CKK's advice.
  9. I definitely associate patches of dead or dying grass with dogs, if it is the front garden it might be that when she takes them out they have a piddle - not uncommon. Anyway, you are not responsible for your cats roaming and I would not admit liability (certainly not in writing). Cat wee is not usually a big deal - cat turds are a different matter - especially when hand-weeding!!!
  10. modelmaker

    modelmaker Lead commenter

    Speculation indeed, and what difference will it make to you if she is earning a bit on the side to supplement her pension? It's hardly likely to turn the economy around if she gets taxed on it and the chances are that if she was, she'd get it all rebated anyway if the income didn't meet the tax threshold, which I'd have thought was quite likely.
    I think you need to remember that pensioners often find themselves left out on a limb when they retire and crave for something to do with their lives. If this lady has found that looking after other people's dogs allows her to keep in touch with people and give her a purpose in life, why shouldn't she be allowed to persue it?
    To my mind, the only questions that can be addressed is whether the dogs are being treated with the care they deserve and whether the conditions they are being kept in are appropriate.
    We have a yappy dog as a neighbour and on a day like today when the windows are wide open, my dog takes on the responsibility of telling it to shut the f,uck up, but is largely a quiet dog unless someone comes to the door, which she instinctively understands is her responsibility. If someone made a complaint about her, I'd wonder what their motives were and probably start looking at the behaviour of the complainee to see if I could return their compliment in spades.
    Best let sleeping dogs lie.
  11. InkyP

    InkyP Star commenter

    This would be a really mean thing to do to a retired person who may be earning a little bit on the side but is maybe walking the dogs for company, exercise and something to do.
  12. fantastischfish

    fantastischfish Established commenter

    Try not to feel too sorry for this lady, she's certainly not sweetness and light.
    I'm certainly not going to be phoning anyone up and reporting anyone for anything because I'm not that sort of person.
    I mentioned merely because it is a great source of annoyance to be disturbed so frequently by dogs barking, especially when they are not ever my neighbour's dogs!
    One time, some people turned up to leave their dogs for her to look after. She had forgotten and wasn't at home and the people didn't know how to contact her. Quite bizarre that they obviously didn't really know her. In the end, they left their dogs with my other neighbour who promise to call them on their mobile as soon as the dogsitter came home and collected them. They had no choice because they had to catch their plane.
    If she was genuinely just doing it for company and exercise, why would she lie? And it's not like I ask her whose dogs they are etc. The other night, the police called round: a car had been damaged in the street by a taxi driver and they wanted to know if any neighbours had seen anything. I was answering their questions on the door-step when she came out of her flat with a dog. She immediately launched into an explanation about how she was walking her daughter's dog and looking after it whilst she was at church. Two days later, the dog was still there, so it must have been a long church service.
    As I say, I'm not planning on reporting her, but it does add to my annoyance a little.
  13. Being close to retirement myself, I know that you don't suddenly become a sweet little old lady. The dog(s) are barking for hours and causing a nuisance. That is quite different from a couple of minutes when someone knocks at the door. If she was doing something a bit dodgy but not impinging on other people's lives I would tend to agree. Live and let Live. I think it is arrogant to inflict your habits, occupation or preferences on others, legally or illegally. If the authorities investigate and find nothing untoward, ok, so be it. If they do, then hopefully there is a chance for the OP to spend a peaceful six weeks without bl***dy dogs barking all afternoon.
  14. I wouldn't be bothered about her making a few quid, if she is. I would be bothered about the dog/s barking and having put the note through the door wouldn't have taken **** from her.
    Tell herb the dog noise is a problem and she sorts it or you report it.
  15. katycustard

    katycustard Occasional commenter

    If the dogs were sleeping, there would be no problem!
    I don't agree that it's not normal for dogs to bark for no apparent reason. I live in a small cul-de-sac surrounded by dogs. There are only 9 houses in our road and 8 have dogs, some have 2 or 3 and they often bark from 7 in the morning until later than 10 at night. We have 3 boxers in our immediate neighbours garden, who bark everytime somone walks past, or I go in the garden. I have got fairly used to them but visitors always comment on them. We get on very well with all of our neighbours and dogs do just seem to bark!
  16. Had a similar issue with my neighbour looking after a friend's dog. It's gone now, thank goodness and my neighbour didn't lose it like yours but I did notify the local council.
  17. Sorry, katycustard, I don't agree that it is normal for dogs to bark incessantly for hours on end. I lived in Cairns, North Queensland for some years and many folks had dogs, some tied up in the yard or under the house. (on stilts, not squashed in the subfloor if anyone is concerned!) and despite our windows being open most of the time and being outside a lot, I found it amusing that if someone came along the street on foot you could follow their progress by the sound of the dogs barking in the various houses. As the person passed by the barking ceased and the next dog started up. Once the person had gone on their way, the barking ceased.
  18. katycustard

    katycustard Occasional commenter

    That is exactly what happens here, people walking past, cats walking past, washing flapping on the line, postman coming etc. All of these things start the dogs barking, in a chain along the houses, the barking then ceases until the next thing happens. The barking chain can take 10 minutes for all dogs to have a go and stop. It might only be 3 minutes before someone walks past and it all starts again. We are a small road on the way to the beach, so many dog owners walk down with their dogs to get to the beach. The barking starts all over again............
  19. thistledoo

    thistledoo Senior commenter

    Try not to fall out with your neighbours! I have always had dogs... some breeds like terriers bark even though the owners are responsible, others hardly murmur until it is their job to do so i.e. When there is someone at the door. It isn't usual for a dog to bark continually, particularly if the family or people are in with it. Your senior lady could be doing favours for several family members... as my Mother used to do when we were all working, it may not be 'paid' work. You really don't know and it is guesswork. Best to leave that one alone in my opinion. By all means deal with the continual barking. Why not try reverse psychology - in the spirit of good neighbours? Take her a carton of 'weed 'n' feed' type stuff that she can sprinkle and water on her garden and a cake to say sorry for the messy grass (although I agree with the earlier poster, it is more likely to be a female dog) and get talking to her... invite her up to your flat and see if the dogs bark then. I know it is very annoying but you need to think carefully how you tackle this or you could be worrying about more than dogs barking! What's the old saying? Slowly, slowly catch the monkey? Get her onside...etc., she wont want to upset you if she likes you!! Try it all first before becoming heavy-handed... the council can be very strict, would you like to be responsible for her losing her home or her saying you are causing her stress? (Just being devil's advocate - I agree the barking dog needs to be stopped. I think she either is worried about it herself or didn't know and feels bad and has done fight or flight and come out fighting.) Calm it down and go in peace first. It must also be bothering other neighbours/ go visit them and see if they might be willing to talk to her. If that doesn't work, tell her that you are going to keep a record of time and length of time the dog barks and you will then report it as a noise nuisance to the local noise abatement society ... and do exactly that.
  20. modelmaker

    modelmaker Lead commenter

    It's the very reason that mankind and dogkind domesticated each other. The keen ears of the dog and their ability to warn of impending danger helped mankind to survive, and in return we fed them and in more recent years looked after their welfare.
    Not everyone gets on with dogs, but for many, the bond is as inseparable as it is of the love of children for others. I have to tell you that my love of other peoples' kids is pretty non-existant. I have to put up with their shrill screams as they go about the gaiety of life that being a child is all about. I have to put up with all the other **** they grow into as they get older, and I have to pay to educate them, try to keep them off drugs and everything else in the vain hope that one day all this punishement means I will be kept on the poverty level in retirement instead of under it.
    If you wan't to give dogs grief, are you also going to go about giving kids grief as well?

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