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Dog and kitten being neutered tomorrow....

Discussion in 'Personal' started by anon4561, May 8, 2012.

  1. And I feel awful! They're running around fighting and playing with one another, and have no idea what's going to happen to them in the morning....

    They're going to come home all sore and in pain...

    it's for the best, isn't it.. and I'm being stupid worrying (again)?
  2. What I really wanted to ask is, can I expect any personality changes?
  3. angiebabe

    angiebabe New commenter

    Its for the best Annie. You'll feel better about it in a few days and so will they. Have a cuppa [​IMG] and stop worrying.
  4. We had our kitten spayed and after a day or two she was fine. Jumping around like a loony with me fretting about pulled stiches. I really wouldn't worry. It is for the best. Would you want to look after another 4-6 of the little darlings?
    Our cat showed no noticible change in personality. Still a nutter
  5. Thanks... I know I'm being stupid.. I just feel guilty. OH has been very against the dog being neutered, and I've argued long and hard about the need to do so It will stop him running away when there is a female on heat (has happened several times, and much more worrying now we're in a rural area in Oz, surrounded by State Forest, where they lay baits for wild dogs, or local farm owners who will shoot a stray dog on sight), as well as the health benefits (not worrying about him getting testicular cancer etc.... )

    Sorry just reminding myself why I'm having it done!

    The kitten is just over six months old... and I just feel bad because she's so little! (but very feisty!)
  6. rosievoice

    rosievoice Star commenter

    You won't notice any personality changes, and it will stop Wee Scabby running off into the undergrowth.
    And, if you have ever suffered the after-effects of a young female cat being ravaged by a gang of males, terrified to leave the house, fearful and pregnant, you wouldn't hesitate. Nature isn't kind.
  7. InkyP

    InkyP Star commenter

    My cat jumped on to thekitchen worktop with ease the day after she was spayed. Can you imagine jumping several times your own height the day after a hysterectomy? I don't think I could walk for about 3 days after mine. She'll be fine and the dog will just be a bit dizzy and a little sore.
  8. Thank you! I think the kitten probably will be fine.... I managed to grab her from the top of the screen door, the day after her broken heel was bandaged up....... she's very energetic.

    Am more worried about the dog, and whether it will change his personality, as well as the fact that he will know that I've done this to him (he thinks car trips are fun....he's not going to appreciate ending up at the V E T )

    As well as the completely irrational fears, that something could go badly wrong... which I know is just ridiculous
  9. Stop with the guilt Annie! It is the best and kindest thing you can do for your pets. They will both recover very quickly and it will be as though nothing ever happened. They most certainly will not resent you for it!
    Oh, Killer has something to add: ah'm sure kittin willnae be a' deth's door like ah wis so nae need tae fret ok?
  10. Thanks, Cosmos.... I know I'm being stupid about this...but he's just so... trusting....and he'll get all excited about getting in the car tomorrow..... I've phoned the vet back, and explained about his tendency to nip, when feeling threatened, so they've agreed that it's probably best that I'm there to hold him when he's getting sedated

    I'll probably end up 'greetin'!
  11. Eejit [​IMG]
    It's a very common op and he will recover well and quickly, I promise. Stuff some chikkin down him and he'll very quickly forget! Don't you dare cry.......that will make him anxious!
  12. Thanks Cosmos.... I'll be brave...... Off to bed now, and have to confiscate their food bowls en route...... Because the vet said that I should be there while Scabs is being sedated, i now have to not take them until after 10. Going to have one very cranky wanting-to-get-fed-at 7a.m -kitten on my hands too for three hours......
  13. Oh... and this is just for Cosmos, who will understand... After a few glasses of the 'funny watter" I am actually worried that the other pets will laugh at him! xxx [​IMG]
  14. Bethannie

    Bethannie New commenter

    Annie, I don't have any pets - but have had the privelege in the past of living in houses/flats where there were cats and dogs.
    They all had the visit to the V.E.T (with one exception - I've mentioned Fat Roley on TES before - and he had an unfortunate tendency towards fathering untold numbers of kittens -including the never-to-be-forgotten pedigree/Roley mix!.....you don't want this happening with your little ones!) They were all fine within a day or so.
    There was one little dog. A Jack Russell, He did look sad for over a week. Whined as if in pain too. But only when his owner was there!.... He got extra fuss, extra cuddles, extra meaty treats, extra doggie-chox......right up to the point he was caught red-handed on the kitchen work-surface (having jumped onto a chair and the jumped again to get on the surface) scoffing the sandwich his owner had made for lunch!
    You are doing the right thing. You know you are. They will both be fine. Stop worrying or I'll have you banned for being such a wuss!
  15. Don't worry - Killer will give any sneeky pets a guid skelp - wi' cloochies - if they dare to laugh!
  16. Thanks Bethannie... if you ban me for being a wuss, I promise I'll take it on the chin

    You're talking to the woman who spends an hour or so each day, personally hand picking huge tubs of fresh grass for her cows, instead of giving them hay....
  17. Poor dug will have problems keeping up his 'prevert' status though..... [​IMG]
  18. Have just read, and responded to the other cat operation thread.. now feel awful about posting something as inane and trivial as this... am off to bed xxxx
  19. Thanks everyone. Kitten is being kept in overnight, just so they can keep an eye on her. Scabby Dug is home, and a little unsteady on his feet, which is to be expected. They gave him a sedative first, and I stayed with him and cuddled him for fifteen minutes until he got his other injection.

    While I was there, there was a woman crying over her pet, that she'd had for sixteen years. Rather put things in perspective, and I'm sorry for being such a drama queen. xxx
  20. I think we all turn into "drama queens" when it comes to our pets Annie.
    Glad you've done it - scabby dug will forgive you! All will be well. C x

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