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DofE kept in the dark and no LA approval AGAIN!

Discussion in 'School trips' started by missRV, May 8, 2015.

  1. missRV

    missRV Occasional commenter

    Sorry but I need to vent!

    I work in a small special needs school, and I am running the DofE award alone (I am the only one with the BEL and supervisor award.) It's now time for the expedition, we did one in the easter holidays which was a disaster because we didn't have LA approval due to not submitting the forms in time so we counted it as a camping trip. This time I have had pressure on pressure from my HT to get the forms in, didn't leave last week until nearly 7pm to get the forms in on time, to be told today that this one might not count either because our EVC didn't log in until last night and it's only just gone to the LA.

    She seemed to speak to me like it was my fault. I am so annoyed about the whole thing and tempted to just cancel the whole thing! I have one child in my group who is fabulous at the DofE stuff but has ASD and struggled being away from home, she is refusing to let this child come to the next one and putting the onus on me to contact parents to say the child is failing, I don't agree with this!

    I'm now sat in registration shaking with upset and anger, trying my best not to burst out in tears :(
  2. blazer

    blazer Star commenter

    How much notice are you supposed to give for a trip like this. In my LA it is 4 weeks but they are usually flexible enough to cope with a week (as long as you don't regularly do it).
  3. missRV

    missRV Occasional commenter

    Thank you.

    It is 4 weeks for us, but because of the delay we're a week behind. Because the last one was up in arms about whether it could go ahead (I wasn't qualified so we needed an AAP and the cost request had to go to governers) we only got the forms in 2 weeks ahead, they tried to rush it through until the HT screamed at them and they refused to give approval. The deadline I was given for this one was 01/05. I submitted 30/04 but it only went through to LA this morning so 08/05
  4. blazer

    blazer Star commenter

    Chase it up, appeal to them. They only do a box tick exercise on it anyway to make sute the LA insurers will be happy. Don't rely on your HT. If your forms are like ours then there will be email,fax and phone numbers on the bottom. If there are not then find the phone number for outdoor ed from the LA's web site. It will be then or if not then safety services. Our LA has disbanded it's outdoor ed dept and I have to go though safety services.

    Remember your outdoor ed/safety people exist to encourage education off site. They should not be standing in your way.

    Your EVC sounds like a complete dick!

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