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Does your school have an anthem?

Discussion in 'Music' started by stresagirl, Aug 28, 2011.

  1. stresagirl

    stresagirl New commenter

    I once spent a day in a school as a supply teacher where the whole school sang a personalised anthem for their school at the beginning and end of assembly. Has anyone got such a thing established in their school? I wish I'd paid greater attention as now I am a music co-ordinator and I think it would be good to have one in my school. Not sure where to start. Can anyone offer any advice? Thanks
  2. Crowbob

    Crowbob Senior commenter

    Avoid cliched lyrics about inspiration and eternal harmony. Also, avoid rhyming couplets that can be substituted for bad languages. Finally, the whole idea makes my skin crawl [​IMG] Sorry.
  3. Sir Cumference

    Sir Cumference New commenter

  4. stresagirl

    stresagirl New commenter

    That's a great starting point. Thank you very much. And yes, agreed cliches about eternal harmony make me cringe too. Will avoid at all costs.
  5. My headteacher asked for suggestions for a school song so I got him to put up a cash prize and got the whole school writing songs - which made them actually think about why they were there, rites of passage, relationships between pupils and teachers and - well everything you'd like them to consider really!

    "Take me by the hand across the great divide - away across the universe where hopes and dreams collide - lead me on a journey through my shining youth "- or some such stuff.

    John Gleadall

  6. Hi,
    I adapted an online song (it was meant to be used in this way) which the Head now likes to use for occasions like Prize-giving day (not every year) and times like when a member of staff leaves. As I spent a lot of time on it before it was ready, I wouldn't want to hear it twice a day on a regular basis!
    If you hit on the right music and words for your school, it can be a good tool, especially if most of the children know it already. This is how we find it useful. Someone leaving at short notice? No problem - sing the "School song". The children can sing it from memory because it's not too long and easy melody.
    I listened to the one suggested but it wasn't my cup ot tea. Check out "Dreamer" by Joyce Eliers at
    http://www.musicroom.com/se/ID_No/057011/details.html track 33. This book is good - also has the accompanying CD too. I would go for a school song. There are more advantages than disadvantages. I am Music coordinator at our school and it has saved me a lot of time. The words don't have to be schmalzy (or whatever the word) - just apt to your school! Let me know if you get one.

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