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Does your school have a learning mentor?

Discussion in 'Headteachers' started by BrainJim, Mar 14, 2011.

  1. I am thinking of getting one for key stage 1?
    What sort of things do they do in your school?
  2. bnm


    Provide structured alternatives for break and lunchtimes.
    Give troubled children a friendly ear, time and attention.
    Implement individual behaviour plan strategies (eg reward times).
    Liaise with parents of troubled children and model positive adult/child interactions.
    Support in class when a child's emotions are getting in the way of learning.
    Run focussed emotional literacy groups.
    Help children through bereavements.
    Actually, the list is endless.
  3. sounds just the ticket
  4. We call such people teachers and TAs.
  5. bnm


    Our TAs are deployed to support academic learning, whereas our learning mentors support the social and emotional needs of vulnerable children. Our school has many children who need emotional and social support. I like the teachers and TAs to focus on lessons and academic learning although, of course, there is a lot of overlap.
  6. Our learning mentor seems to do everything! Ranging from attendance to support for kids with problems and supporting parents. She supports children with issues in class, withdraws some for 1:1 and works with groups on issues around friendship probs etc.
    She organises games for playtimes and dinner, organises meetings with lunch time staff. She is great only been with us 2 years but we could not manage without her.
  7. a good example of ignorance being bliss
  8. The bliss would seem to be yours as you are ignorant of which you write.
  9. Which would be what ?
  10. marymoocow

    marymoocow Star commenter

    Ours used to also run parenting classes. She was invaluable in building relationships with hard to reach families. She also provided a link between teachers and SS with CP issues, attending core groups etc when teachers or the head couldnt attend. We have recently lost funding for ours and boy do we know it. More of my time is taken up dealing with EBD children and their families. We are in a deprived area and the need is great. In my own children's leafy school, whilst they do have EBD children, the numbers are only about 2/3 children out of 150 as apposed to approx 20% in our school, so they dont need one. I guess blackdog may work in a leafy school, either that or he has got higher than average numbers of TAs that can take on the role.
  11. TA different JD from Learning Mentor, different role.....

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