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Does this time of year drive you mad too?

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by Crayon_junkie, Mar 23, 2012.

  1. Sorry I just need to vent my frustrations. I normally try to be positive, but lazy students are really getting me down.

    I started coursework with my groups earlier than ever before. I mark it regularly giving them feedback. I remark it a month later, none (or very little of) the feedback has been actioned. So marking it AGAIN for nothing to be done makes me angry (maybe a bit dramatic.)

    RM students refuse to bring in money for materials and so we just have to provide them, the least I ask is that they bring paint (my budget really can't stretch to that too) none of them bring paint or varnish or one does and suddenly you have a class full of horrible navy gloss painted products (when I told them not to use it and bring spray paint)

    I've worked hard all year but they are only just starting to wake up and realise the work has to be done by a week today and suddenly they expect me to be there after school every night and every lunchtime (but only about 2 or 3 kids turn up at any one time.) Oh and they think it's awful that I am not going in to school over Easter (I do not want to be on my own in the workshop with 50 teenage boys.)

    When students aren't performing SMT expect me to decide on recipes for Food kids (I'm HoD) and go to TESCO to buy their ingredients. Ring parents to try and get them to force their kids to come in for extra work (they can make them come in, but they can't make them actually work.)
    Does anyone else think that intervention is the wrong way to go? Students who can't even be bothered to choose a recipe to cook or do the work in the time given should fail? SMT don't agree

    All this intervention is breaking the rules of Controlled Assessment, but nobody seems to care about that either?

    Does anyone else have this problem and feel like this?

    Does anyone have any tips or tricks of how to deal with SMT or prevent this situation all together (other than moving schools and finding perfect students.)

    Thanks (and sorry for the moan
  2. I too hate this time of year - but for once have all work in & they are not getting any more time! I introduced a "league table" format this year based on their predicted grades - kids like to see where the were as it was updated every 2 - 3 weeks when I marked/looked at their coursework.
    On subject of CA - we are with OCR & went to their training day last term AND we asked the q about feedback & it is OK to give it - it is the Title which is the high level control
  3. I have been waiting to go on another training session, but all that appeared to be offered was one I did 2 or 3 years ago when the new CAs started. (OCR textiles) It seems to me that we can in fact do more to help students than we were informed of originally, or in fact what is written down for a medium control project. The timing is another issue as I have yet to meet a teacher who has been able to complete a top project in the suggested time! OCR is 20 hours x 2 which really does not allow for all the expected paper work!
    Ah well now a happy Easter holiday going in to school 2 mornings at the start of the holiday to run 2 extra morning sessions and a very happy rest of the holiday marking a huge pile of A3 sheets and plastic boxs filled with textiles products. Ho hum - It is a good job I like teaching!!!!!!
  4. I too am fed up with this time of year and cannot wait to get rid !
    I have planned next year already, I am doing mini examination tasks that will build into thier project as I am sick of the current attitude. The kids think it'll be ok if they do a bit at the end and expect hours of laser cutting work to be done in minutes. No more if my planning comes to fruition !!
  5. Very tired atm.
    Just been on for a revision day where I find that Maths have bullied most of the students who had booked to be with me into going for extra maths classes!!! This after having a whole day yesterday just for Maths. Grrrrrrrrrr. Bl*££y Core subjects.
    I have manged some success with the pupils who care (about 60%) by using the colour coded Conditional Formatting approach on Excel. Allows the lower ability pupils to have some success and see their colours go green and some of the smart ar$es get a shock when theirs goes red!. The other 40% do;t appear to notice.
    This has worked for Engineering Single Award and Electronic products and I can send some spreadsheets with the formatting if needed. I may take time to reply as I would need to strip out the names etc.
  6. As I read this it is like looking at life at the moment! I have provided after school and lunch sessions since christmas and even went in in feb holidays! I gave a deadline of the last wednesday of term and then had a run of kids asking why I wasnt doing after schools on the last day of term! out of principle I havent gone in this easter but know I will feel the effect as soon as I get back and will wish I had just gone in, I was determined this year to not let the pressure of meeting unrealistic grades get to me but I am literally goin grey as the days go by!

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