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Does this research ring a bell?

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by Solo1989, Jan 30, 2012.

  1. Hello everyone
    I know this is a long shot, but I'm driving myself mad. I'm in a situation where a very interesting bit of research I read about would come in useful, but I stupidly made no notes of website, title etc. I'll describe what I can remember of it, and hopefully some bright spark will save my sanity by posting a link.
    It was about a headteacher in America, or maybe Canada, (in their equivalent of a primary school) who did a pilot with one class and decided to get rid of traditional maths lessons and instead develop their reasoning skills. He found that by the time the pupils were in their final year, they were much better at reasoning through maths problems (e.g. they could better reason through why a particular estimate of distance from A to B was correct or incorrect; and they were much more competent at approaching questions along the lines of "A pole is partly submerged in water, x metres is out of the water and y proportion is under the water. How long is the pole?" Ultimately, the pupils became much better problem-solvers than other classes in the school, all without what we would recognise as a maths lesson.
    Does this ring a bell with anybody? I shall continue Googling for the rest of the day, but any help would be very much appreciated. Thanks :)
  2. Could you be thinking of Jo Boaler, author of The Elephant in the Classroom?

    There is a paper here on one of the schools she researched, but she looked at other schools which had more emphasis on open-ended projects ratehr than a traditional approach.
    nrich.maths.org/content/id/7011/nrich paper.pdf

    Hope it helps!

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