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Does there always need to be a TA in reception?

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by Ryvita1, Jul 2, 2011.

  1. I know this comes up a lot but I'm still not very sure.
    Is there a ratio for reception class in a school? If there is a qualified teacher in the class, must there always be a TA?

    Thanks, any help would be good.
  2. chubbyone

    chubbyone Occasional commenter

    Legally in England the ratio is 1-30 in reception so noTA, but realistically the government should change it as needs to be. Then again think it should be the same in all classrooms to be honest, all the money wasted on new ideas etc could be spent on giving every teacher an additional adult.

  3. Thank you for the quick reply.
  4. I've always thought it completely mad that when you are given an excepted pupi with SEN, that it's OK to exceed the pupil:teacher ratio. Surely this child would deserve more support, not less.
  5. I don't have a TA in the afternoon. It is a struggle to achieve all that we want in accordance to the EYFS so are aft3rnoons are a bit more formal, sadly no other way to do it
  6. Hi there - sympathies to all. Trying to deliver the EYFS without a TA is incredibly difficult. Normally I have at least 3 afternoons without a TA which at this stage in the year is just becoming manageable despite feeling at the end of the session that I have just been doing that - 'managing' without any observations, facilitating play etc. I am worried about next year however as I am predicted to have 33 children and at the beginning of the year it will be a real strain to manage all of them on my own. Any suggestions much welcome! I find the worst thing is that at the end of the day it takes me about an hour just to clear up before I can start anything else as although the children do their best, tidying the resources away is just beyond some of them.
  7. Should you be doing this? As earler postings have said there should be a qualified teacher for 30 Reception children and numbers beyond 30 should have an additional teacher.
    Is there someone you can talk to about this? Perhaps an early years adviser/consultant? Maybe TA's in the afternoon will seem really affordable to your head.
  8. Hi there - thanks for the reply. I think I'll wait and see exactly how many children I have in September. Normally people are rostered in to come in to F2 but are then taken to fill in for other teachers for PPA etc so I really don't know until on the day if I have someone or not - not great! If things don't improve then yes I will go down the LA route. I feel bad for the children really as they are getting a very raw deal out of the whole EYFS experience and I do feel slightly disillusioned with EYFS. I remember being on the training course watching some lovely adult/small group interaction and it just doesn't happen like that in practice! The reality is I am trying to play, sort disputes, mop the toilet floor and teach all at the same time - crazy times!
  9. I think it's a raw deal for the children and for you. Of course the esteemed Dame Tickell wants the government to review whether we need more than just a teacher in Reception classes at all.
    I'd like anyone who thinks play/mediate/mop/teach is manageable for one adult to come and walk a mile in our shoes - and that should include your HT/SMT.

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