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Does PPA take into account form time?

Discussion in 'Part-time and job share' started by san38, Jun 20, 2019.

  1. san38

    san38 New commenter

    I am on a 4 days contract and out of 20 available lessons I'm.being timetabled for 18 which I was ok with as that is 10% PPA. However, I am now being given a tutor group which will add 20mins each morning to my load so the 2 lessons of PPA will no longer =10%. Can I insist that I am either given another free or have my form taken away?
    Many thanks, feeling very frustrated at moment, banging my head agsinst SLT brick wall
  2. BarryIsland

    BarryIsland New commenter

    If going by the Burgundy Book it is 0.8 (4 days) of teaching timetable which excludes registrations/assembly time.
    So if 5 teaching periods a day, 20 a week, it means 18 teaching and 2 PPA. Registration/assembly is not talked about so harder to pin down. If an Academy they don't need to follow Burgundy Book .
    Many go with registration/assembly being in proportion with a full time, so if full timers do 5 registration periods a week you would do 4.
    I think they are probably right in what they have done.

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