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Does anyone use school pupil tracker?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Miss Fit, Jan 31, 2010.

  1. What's it like?
  2. Hi, it is basically an A4 sheet with pupils' details along the top, then it is split into year groups with relevant boxes underneath for assessments e.g. bury, nfer, snapshot. It also has space for levels achieved at the end of each term for core subjects. At the bottom is space for sen details and any special talents etc. Hope this helps
  3. Hi - we use School pupil tracker in our school - it's online. I think the previous post is referring to a different system as the one we use is all ICT online based and not on A4 paper at all. It's a very good system and has saved me and other teachers a lot of time. I am the assessment coordinator and it has saved me hours of time from answering questions from my HT as well as helping us all set child-speak APP targets. I would highly recommend it - and we have been using it for over two years. Try looking it up at www.schoolpupiltracker.co.uk - lots of info on the website that I used when thinking about introducing the system a long while back. I also did a lot of reviews / looking at other product and other systems cost more and did less.
    Hope this helps!
  4. My school has just bought SPTracker & I've been given the job of introducing the staff to it - thing is it's new to me too!!! Any advice as to where to start/look at first???
    Any help gratefully received!!!
  5. QFE

    QFE New commenter

    Excel, anyone? Why pay for something that you've already got and can tailor to your own needs.
  6. Hi,
    We use it and it gives you excellent analysis throughout the school at the touch of a button. It is a great way of having all the APP online so that it can be passed from teacher to teacher. It shows you slow moving children throughout the school and helps with identifying children for intervention across classes.
    I found that it saved me a lot of time, and means that I don't need to ask anyone else for information - it's all online and available at a time convenient to me!
    Thoroughly recommend it - and when you have it I would recommend their tips for new users on the front page. we started off just using it for putting assessments online and then played with the school and class tools. The refined user section is invaluable for inputting APP for a whole group.

  7. we use Classroom Monitor which is similar to SPT, in fact we looked at both systems, and it does all of the fiddly excel work for you, the main advantage though is that it works out who has got what from where using APP to suggest a level and sub-level for you which it then dates and puts into excel for you, much easier than having all staff using one excel sheet
  8. Excel is just a spreadsheet whereas a system like the above mentioned works with a database making the on-going managemet accross the school much easier. We looked at SPT but went for system which is very similar called Classroom Monitor as it's easier to use and we have been really impressed, we've also had excellant support getting it up and running.
  9. Wera6

    Wera6 New commenter

    What sort of price is School Pupil Tracker? We use Target Tracker at present and it is less than £500 a year for our big school. Is SPT and Classroom Monitor about that sort of price too?
  10. T34

    T34 Lead commenter

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