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Does anyone use Discovery Dog/Spellbound Science?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by lagartija, Apr 5, 2008.

  1. bumping this because I'd like to know too. i saw d.dog and spellbound science at ITT session - thought d.dog was brilliant, wondered if the spellbound science was perhaps a bit young for UKS2, but science advisor said they were really well received, some people mentioned how the notion of a wizard as a character might not be acceptable in some faith schools (in any case, he never comes up with a spell to solve a problem, science has the answers)
  2. Yes and yes. I teach Y5 and use spellbound. Chn really like it and don't think is is babyish. Y6 teacher also uses.

    DD is great and I have used DD when I taught in Y4, using the elec prob. We only bought this year so they hadn't seen it when in KS1. The Y4 class loved this also.

    Great for planning experiments and working through experiments with the chn. The concept cartoons book goes really well.

    You can get puppets for s/b but we don't have them at school - i'm not a puppet person. But a friend of mine teaches Y3 in another school and has them - she loves using the puppets.

    Hope this helps x
  3. Bagpuss27

    Bagpuss27 New commenter

    Oooh thank you Star. Brilliant, I will go to the office with the order form on Monday and mention your comments! I want to get DD with the puppets, but not sure about the spellbound stuff. I plan to buy those, the enquiry games book and concept cartoons. Have just got some planning boards so we are good to go!
  4. DemonicLemon

    DemonicLemon New commenter

    Our Science Co-ord has just bought these - we have DD in KS1 and Spellbound in KS2, the 3/4 teachers have the puppets too.

    I have use the UKS2 SS with my 4/5 class and they did enjoy it and we had a great discussion about the investigation - lots of ideas generated.

    Just need something now that helps them actually write up the investigation properly! (And the equipment to carry it out!)

    Oh and it really helps if you have a reliable working printer because you can't save your notes! (I talk from experience - our 1 networked printer is useless and I have lost loads of stuff that I couldn't save, from Spellbound and the Scholastic Framework discs!)
  5. I've bought DD for KS1 ... I felt it was a good quality product, with plenty of scope for problem solving. The interactive planner was a nice touch too.

    However, having watched SBS on the web, I felt the quality wasn't as high so did not spend the finances on aquiring it.
  6. Both products are excellent as is problem pup. I believe primarily science are producing something similar and that may be a little cheaper.
    I have used them both and have reccomended them to teachers when I have run INSET sessions. They provide a child friendly introduction to science concepts with a 'hook'. they also use a form of concept cartoon to help assess childrens prior/current understanding of the concept you are trying to teach. They also can be used with the puppets. This again helps engage children.
    The National science centre runs some excellent courses on the use of these programs and the puppets. The courses are all funded by the Enthuse awards, so the school gets supply and other cost back plus a little extra for resources.
    I would buy both products without hesitation [​IMG]
    Hope that helps.

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