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Does anyone teach IB design and technology?

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by COPINGSAW, Jun 23, 2011.

  1. Hi all,
    I would be very interested to here from anyone on here that teaches Design and Technology at IB level.
  2. HI Coping Saw,
    Been teaching the IB DT course for a while whats your query?

  3. Hi Coping Saw,
    Been teaching the IB DP DT course for a while what would you like to know?
  4. Hi,
    I've taught IB D&T for 2 years at standard level and have a good grasp on the content and delivery, however next year we have students that have opted for following the higher level.
    I am not particulary familiar with the content of the higher level and would very much apreciate it if I could arrange a visit to see how other schools are delivering it and possible share some resources.
    Where are you based?
  5. mschongkong

    mschongkong New commenter

    Hi - Have been teaching IB Higher Human Factors for the past 5 years I developed this site and its still ongoing:


    another good site is:

    and from IB themselves:


    Would also recommend the online level 1 IB DT Training runs twice a year September and February found it realy useful even though I had already been teaching it 4 years.
  6. I need the contact of any IB D&T Teacher, mainly the e-mail, I am i a hurry and really need help.
  7. Hi I am going to be teaching IB DP Design Tech in September. I teach at a high school in Canada. It seems to be quite a big task to develop the curriculum! Do you want to collaborate?
  8. I have been teaching it for 5 years and would be happy to help.
  9. Hi,

    I also have links to Canada and would be interested in knowing what school you are teaching at, and whether the IB is taking off over there?

    I would be more than happy to collaborate.
  10. Hi Copingsaw Hope you are well , I am an IBCC student and I am taking ib DT as one of my Diplomas and I have been struggling as a standard level student I would really appreciate if you can help me by email or by tes Thankyou

    Kind Regards,

  11. Please any payments let me know
  12. harrisbritt69040

    harrisbritt69040 New commenter

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