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Does anyone teach AS Combined Lang/Lit AQA Spec B?

Discussion in 'English' started by claremc1980, Nov 20, 2011.

  1. Hi, I'm new to this spec and I'd really appreciate some help on teaching Unit 2 of this Spec - the novels are Jane Eyre + Wide Sargasso Sea, but if you have any general advice I'd be very grateful. I'm after:
    - Ideas for extracts to compare
    - Ways to set the essay out (best ways to hit AOs)
    - How to get the AOs in
    - Examples of pupils' work past/present good/bad
    Anything really. Thank you
  2. Hi
    And here I was thinking we were the only department in the world teaching this! I've never found anyone on here who also teaches this spec.
    - Ideas for extracts to compare: well, it's the job of your pupils to choose these, and they need to be firmly based on this year's set theme. They need to be different for each pupil, too.
    - Ways to set the essay out/how to get the AOs in: have you the AQA textbook to go with this course? There's a good exemplar essay in there that you could use to provide a structure/framework. Otherwise just make your own broad one up, ensuring you've covered all the AOs in it.
    - Examples of pupils' work: There are a lot on eAQA. Ask your exams officer to get you a log in if you don't have one. Then, behold as both examples of the analytical piece and the creative piece appear before your eyes!
    Hope that helps
  3. That does help. Thanks so much. I'll get onto our exams officer first thing. Kind regards

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