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Does anyone know anything about the new national curriculum?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by teechah, Jun 29, 2011.

  1. Just been told that from September we are going to change our entire provision for foundation subjects. No more QCA units and instead we're going to teach to national curriculum levels with subjects taught in two week blocks.
    I've no objections to any of this but it just seems a mad time to return to national curriculum when we're going to get a new one imminently.
    Does anyone know anything about what the new one's going to be like?
  2. Eh?
    What do you mean by 'return to the national curriculum'. The national curriculum is, and always has been statutory since it's introduction.
    What new curriculum are you talking about?
  3. The new one starting Septmber 2012 for english, maths, science and PE and starting september 2013 for all other subjects.
  4. The one that was scrapped?
  5. WolfPaul

    WolfPaul New commenter

    There is indeed due to be a new curriculum in a year or two's time, but you are not "returning" to the current National Curriculum. The current version has, I think. been in force for eleven years!
  6. Yes I know I am not returning to it. I know we have had to use it for the last ten years. The point I am making is that up to now we have used QCA units of work as a programme of study to deliver national curriculum. We are now going to abandon that and design our own programme of study from scratch- whilst ensuring that it meets national curriculum standards.
    It just seems an odd time to be doing it when we've not looked at NC for at least five years and we're getting a new curriculum in the next two years. I'm worried that we'll do a massive revamp that's not going to fit in with the new stuff.
    Hence my original post. Does anyone know anything about what new NC will be like?

  7. Will academies and free schools have to teach a NC? I thought the idea was they could design their own.
  8. I'm not having a go or starting an argument but have you really not looked at the NC for 5 years? Have you not used it to look at the skills needed to be taught? (I'm genuinely interested to know)
    As an aside the QCA units were very out of date IMO
  9. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

    Early 2012 Public consultation on phase one recommendations (including new Programmes of Study for English, mathematics, science and physical education
    Early 2012 Call for Evidence (phase two) begins
    Spring 2012 Ministers announce decisions on (1) the Programmes of Study for English, mathematics, science and physical education and (2) the other subjects to be included in the new National Curriculum
    Spring 2012 Call for Evidence (phase two) ends
    September 2012 New Programmes of Study for English, mathematics, science and physical education made available to schools
    Early 2013 Public consultation on new Programmes of Study for all other subjects to be included in the National Curriculum
    Spring 2013 Ministers announce decisions about the Programmes of Study for all other subjects to be included in the National Curriculum
    September 2013 Teaching of the new Programmes of Study for English, mathematics, science and physical education becomes statutory

    September 2013 New Programmes of Study for all other subjects included in the new National Curriculum are made available to schools
    September 2014 Teaching of the new Programmes of Study for all other subjects to be included in the National Curriculum becomes statutory
  10. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

    So nothing imminent teachah
  11. I can't believe you still use QCA
    I have not used them since I was on teaching practise at uni! They are awful! They are boring! They are outdated!
    You should be jumping for joy that your school has abandoned them and is no longer forcing you to use them! Cant thing of anything worse!
    (oh just thought LCP - thats worse!)
  12. I agree with the view that QCA is deadly dull and should have been abandoned by school in favour of their own planning years ago. Loads of teachers seem to be clueless when it comes to planning from the NC because of the QCA.
    That aside, you may have a point about the timing. My school revamped its planning just before the last election (spent about 6 months putting things together). Most of the teachers were saying "hang on, we're about to get a new Government who almost certainly will abandon the Rose Review - why are we doing this now?"
    We were right. It was abandoned, and an awful lot of work was done for nothing. In the end, we kept much of the new stuff (and continue to use the Rose subject headings on our reports) but we should really have waited to see what would happen. We have good, in-depth, cross-curricular planning, but then, it was good before as well!
  13. I never use the same planning again! I am constantly updating, rewriting planning and changing it altogether.
    I see things that inspire me, i read on here about successful things that people share and on twitter. I am constantly looking for new ideas, new ways to deliver NC objectives.
    Does this not happen in your class? That was rhetorical - I know it doesn't I have seen copies of planning with 2006 at the top - this is a travesty!
    Your planning should be planned for your particular class. Yeah if you have units that work brilliantly everytime - lkeep them but I am sure some of those still need tweaking!
  14. Anonymous

    Anonymous New commenter

    But where would some teachers be without 100 numeracy plans, 100 literacy plans, Hamilton trust plans and QCA documents???

  15. I know robyn or something even worse! Collins Primary Maths or abacus!
  16. Not all teachers get much choice or freedom about their planning though. Ours has to be run past the subject co-ordinator before it is changed.
  17. But if it is all planned with links to NC they cant really say no can they?
  18. Anonymous

    Anonymous New commenter

    The thing is with planning is that is has to be fluid. "No plans survive contact with the <strike>enemy </strike> children." is a sort of military quote. Day to day planning (done on the weekend) may have to change especially in maths when children either make more progress or less progress than expected and you have to alter your plans accordingly. That is what bugs me about rigid plans like the 100 framework lessons - you have to be flexible and adapt your planning. You are the teacher and you are responsible for the education. Follow the curriculum but use your own teaching skills (as well as ideas nicked from any kind of sources including previous years) but remember each class is unique.
    Saying that, I do a lot of work in secondary schools and I think they stick very rigidly to schemes of work and follow their previous year's planning.
  19. Yes!
  20. They shouldn't!
    you should be able to go and say I have had this great idea - this is what I am going to teach and how as long as it's not covered in another year and it's covering objectives that need to be covered!
    Actually you shouldn't even have to do that! In my first teaching job my head said 'As long as I am getting results he didnt care what was going on behind my classroom door!'
    We are never questioned on what we are teaching as long as in our observations we are getting satisfactory and above.
    Of course there are some general guidelines and I couldnt teach the Vikings if it had been covered in year 3 or do the highwayman if they were covering it in year 6 etc

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